Top 10 List Of Best Military Commander Generals In The World 2016

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Armed Forces play an important role in the defence of a country as it protect country from any kind of enemy in every situation therefore they have no fear of of their life as they devote their whole life for the protection of their sweet homeland. These forces stabilized all condition like War.

Earthquakes, storms and also bad weather, they also protect country from terrorism and many other kinds of problems therefore armed forced are considered as roots of the country on which whole country and their conditions are stable but how to use these forces is also a great and heavy responsibility therefore to met this need Chief of Army Staff and Generals play an important role because they know the conditions and all the facts to use his brave army for the welfare of the country as well as their peoples.

So here is the list of Top 10 Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2016

Volker Wieker is Chief of Army Staff of Germany which is considered as best Commander General as he was born on 1 March 1954 as he is the highest rank officer of German army as he is Chief of Army Staff as General Wieker served in every major foreign Bundeswehr deployment since 1996, including Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan so he has played an important role in protecting his country and also well managed the army of his country. He joined army as training officer in 1974 so he working in German Army for about 42 years and On 18 December 2009 German Minister of Defence Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg announced his intention to appoint Wieker Chief of Staff of the Bundesweh and also considered as best army Commander General.


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9: Katsutoshi Kawano (Japan)
Katsutoshi Kawano is now the chief and Commander General of Japan military Forces as he is also declared as best Commander General which was born on 28 November 1954 as He was promoted to four-star Admiral and assumed the position on July 26, 2012, On 15 October 2014, he assumed the position of Chief of Staff and Joint Staff for his country as well as army. He joined national Academy of Defence in 1979 by graduating in mechanical engineering and after that he served his country in army and navy on many posts. Vice Admiral Kawano became the Vice Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Council in 2010 but after One year later, in 2011, he became Commander in Chief of the Self Defense Fleet.


8: Dalbir Singh (India)
Dalbir Singh is now the Chief of Army Staff of India which has also great number of army and expend lot of money on Arms as he is PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC which is also 26th General for the Indian Army that he joined the office on this post on 31 July 2014. Before taking the charge of General he was serving in army as Vice Chief of Army Staff of India as he joined Army on 15 June 1974 as an instructor in Indian Military Academy and after that he was appointed on many posts of army as He was also appointed as the Inspector General of the Special Frontier Force therefor after that he also joined his army as Chief of Army Staff.


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7: Choi Yoon-Hee (South Korea)
Choi Yoon Hee is Joint Chiefs of Staff of Republic of Korea as he he Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has Operational Control over all military personnel of the Armed Forces. The National Command Authority runs from the President and also Ministry of Defence as who was the first navy flag officer to take the top post in the military chain of command under President Park Geun-hye as he is so much talented that Government of South Korea Picked Joint Chief OF Staff from Navy Side sodue to his deliberate approach towards security concerns of the South Korean therefore considered as best Commander general.


6: Nick Houghton (United Kingdom)
Nick Houghton is now chief of Defence staff of United Kindom Army as he was born on 18 October 1954 so he was appointed on this post of Chief of Defence Staff in 2013 after the retirement of Sir David Richard. He also served as Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion, the Green Howards inNorthern Ireland during The Troubles and later on became Commander of 39 Infantry Brigade in Northern Ireland and he also be the deouty Commanding General during Iraq War as he joined army in 1974 and still serving his country as this posts, also served on many big posts as an officer of Army because he joined army as an lieutenant therefore he is also considered as best commander general of Military.


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5: Hulusi Akar (Turkey)
Hulusi Akbar is also considered as best Military Commander general as he is currently serving as General of Turkish Army because he is 29th Chief of army Staff for his country. Before joining on this post he was serving as commander of land forces as it is also conventional for the commander of the Turkish Armed Forces to be previously the commander of the Army. General Akar is preferential by NATO and is a military geopolitical strategist with experience as a brigade commander in various NATO activities including ISAF, Operation Allied Force during the Bosnian War and contributions to Kosovo Force during the Kosovo War so he is also applicable for this post.


4: Valery Gerasimov (Russia)
Russia is also one of the powerful country of the world which is mainly due to his Army and Arms producing therefore Valery Gerasimov is now serving his country as Chief of Army Staff of Russian Army also first Deputy Deference minister as he is holding two posts. He was appointed as Chief of Army Staff in 2012 by president Vladimir Putin as From 1993 to 1995 he was the commander of the 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division in the Baltic Military District and then the North Western Group of Force therefore he served his country on many posts in his army so he is also considered as best Military Commander General.


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3: Fang Fenghui (China)
Fang Fenghui was born in April 1951 as he is serving army as General for Army of people republic of China therefore He currently serves as the PLA Chief of General Staff and a member of the Central Military Commission. He joined PLA in 1968 and he was appointed as Chief of Headquarter of the General Staff in 2012 and during 2007 to 2012 he served as Commander of Beijing Military Region therefore before that he received the rank of major general in 1998 as well as lieutenant general in July 2005 and general in July 2010. Instead of this post He is also a member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China therefore considered as best commander General.


2: Gen Joseph Dunford (United States)
United States is most powerful country of the World because it is consist of more than fifty states therefore it has also most army in the world with greater quality of Arms therefore Gen Joseph Dunford is now Current Chairman Joint of Chief Staff as he was born on 8 December 1955 and currently 19th Chief of Staff for his country as before joining this post Dunford served as commander of the International Security Assistance Force and United States Forces Afghanistan from February 2013 until August 2014 therefore after the retire of Martin Dempsey it was confirmed by the Senate of United State as 19th Joint Chief Of Army Staff for his country therefore he was made as highest rank army officer on 1 October 2015.


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1: Raheel Sharif (Pakistan)
General Raheel Sharif is now Current Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan as he was born on 16 June 1956 that is 15th Chief Of Army Staff of Pakistan and he is serving his country since 2013. He belongs to a Military back ground as his father was also a military officer and his elder Brother major Shabbir Sharif was declared as hero of Pakistan Indo War 1971 and also received highest military award of Pakistan Army Nisghan e Haider as his Uncle Major Aziz Bhatti also received this too. He joined Pak army in 1976 and after that he saved on many posts for his country, In 2002, he was also appointed as Military Secretary by then Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf succeeding Nadeem Taj, who later served as director general ISI. He has major role in overcoming terror in his country therefore he is considered as Best Military Commander General for two Consecutive years and he will retired in this running year.


Top 10 List of Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2016
Raheel Sharif
Gen Joseph Dunford
United States
Fang Fenghui
Valery Gerasimov
Hulusi Akar
Nick Houghton
United Kingdom
Choi Yoon-Hee
South Korea
Dalbir Singh
Katsutoshi Kawano
Volker Wieker

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