Top 10 Richest Cities in the Philippines 2017 - Part 1

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 Hello everyone!  I think I am done with my resto blogs already and will start with a series of travel blogs.  I will be concentrating in promoting my own country and will start with this interesting topic; Top 10 richest cities in the Philippines.  I might be writing about each of these cities in my upcoming blogs but this time let me introduce to you those top cities one by one.

This blog will serve as a quide for those who wants to visit the Philippines, you will know from here where you want to stay or which City would you want to visit.


Most of the articles I read over the internet starts from the bottom when they tackle about the top or leader of something like for example the top cities in the Philippines, normally writers will present the top 10 first, then top 9, then top 8 and so on and so forth.  But I will do the opposite, let me start with the top 1 down to the top ten.  Doing so might kill the excitement but for me it will still be exhilarating, because you will never know who else belong to the top 10 if you will not continue to read.  Who knows, if you’re from Philippines, your city might be one of those and you should be proud of, so continue reading.


Photo Credit: (Makati City)

Top 1:  MAKATI CITY (PHP 34,461 billion equity)

If you happen to visit the Philippines and to Makati City in particular, you will notice that the biggest and tallest buildings can be found here.  Makati has the most number of multinational and local corporations in the country that is why they are considered as the financial center in the Philippines.  Most of the foreign embassies like the Switzerland, Pakistan, Malaysian embassies are also found in Makati City.  One can also see high sophisticated shopping malls in this side of the country.


Photo Credit: (Makati City)

Most of the tallest skyscrapers in Metro Manila and the Philippines are located in Makati such as the PBCom Tower, Gramercy Residences in Century City and G.T. International Tower. – Wikipedia


Photo Credit:  (Makati City)

PBCom Tower along Ayala Avenue is the country's tallest building, reaching up 259 meters. It is the headquarters of the Philippine Bank of Communications, or PBCom. The PBCom Tower is an office skyscraper ranked officially as the tallest building in the Philippines since 2001. It has a total ground to architectural top height of 259 meters (850 ft), with 52 stories including an 8-level radio tower. - Wikipedia

Makati City is the 17th largest city of the Philippines when it comes to population, they have more than 580,000 inhabitants.  One interesting facts about Makati is that although their original population is only about half a million but do you know that during the day its population will exceed 1 million. Why is that so?   The reason for this is because a huge number of people are coming to Makati everyday either for work, shop or do business. - Wikipedia


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 Top 2:  QUEZON CITY (PHP 31,917 billion equity)

Quezon City is the second richest and the most populous city in the Philippines, nearly six times the area of Makati.  As of 2007, that was ten years ago, the city’s population is 2,679,450.

Quezon City is the largest city among the 16 cities in the National Capital Region or NCR.

If Makati is the country’s financial hub and known for the skyscrapers and shopping malls, Quezon City is the site of many government offices.  One of the most important government offices in the Philippines, the Batasang Pambansa Complex-the seat of the House of Representative is located in this city.  It is also in Quezon City where the famous universities are located, like the National University, the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Jesuit run university, Ateneo de Manila, my alma mater.

 Quezon City is the first local government in the Philippines with a computerized real estate assessment and payment system. The city government developed a database system that now contains around 400,000 property units with capability to record payments. - Wikipedia

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 Top 3. PASIG CITY (PHP 20,036 billion equity)

 The third richest city in the Philippines is Pasig City.  Pasig City a formerly rural settlement was established by the Augustinians in 1572 and considered as one of the oldest municipalities in the Philippines and also one of the highly urbanized areas in the country.

Based on the 2015 census, Pasig City has a population of 755,300 scattered into 30 barangays. Its barangays are clustered into two districts, the first and second district which covers southern and western sections of the city and the northern and eastern sections respectively.  


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One of the world's largest secondary education by student population, Rizal High School (named after the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal) is located in Pasig. This school was formerly hailed in the Guinness World Records as the largest school by overall enrolled students, but it is now surpassed by the City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, India.

Pasig is primarily residential and industrial, but has been becoming increasingly commercial in recent years, particularly after the construction of the Ortigas Center business district in its west. The city is also the see of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pasig, making its cathedral (formerly the Immaculate Conception Cathedral) a landmark built around the same time as the town’s foundation in 1573. - Wikipedia

Check here or watch the video below to see the best places to visit in the Philippines.

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 There you go with the first 3 top richest cities in the Philippines.  Stay tuned for the next part of this blog.  See you and God bless!


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