Top 10 tips to treat High Blood Pressure naturally

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Nowadays about 70% adult people in the World are suffering from High Blood Pressure .The systolic and diasystolic pressure when shows 140/90 is called the High Pressure .It would be great if we can control this naturally without taking medicine too much .Here are some tips which may help you people .

1.Regular exercise is required to get rid of High blood pressure .

2.Avoid intake of high Sodium related Food and increase the potassium intake.

3.Reduce body weight as much as possible .

4.Take as much water as possible .

5.If sudden high pressure occurs just take lemon juice with warm water ,sometimes little amount of honey may be added .

6.Reduce daily tensionand stress as much as possible .

7.Avoid alcohol drink as much as possible .

8.You can take dark chocolate because flavonols can relax the blood vessels .

9.Keep your feet in warm water for sometime .

10.Avoid smoking if you are a smoker .

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