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“It’s Facebook. No it’s Google. It’s Yahoo I tell you”. That’s how most discussions about the top website in the world is. And it really differs according to source, some say comScore is the only correct source. Others agree on Alexa.

So having no clear source on where Middle Eastern traffic pours throughout the year, we factored in as much data as we could. Contacted website owners, companies and people to bring you the Top 10 Websites in the Middle East for 2010.

Coming up with a definition for a ‘Website in the Middle East’ was in itself  a challenge. So we are defining it as: Any website that was founded by people from the Middle East, developing content for the Middle East (even if not exclusively so).

Our findings were interesting as we noticed that the majority of them are either news websites or websites where the content is at the center.

With 5 out of 10 of the websites mentioned primarily relying on traffic generated from forums, it appears forums continue to generate the most traffic in the region compared to other platforms.

Here are region’s most visited websites:

This is a list of the best websites in Arabic

The best Arab Woman Magazine which provides tips for health, fashion, pregnancy, labor, dresses, hairstyles, images and babies.

Best full reviews for the latest mobile phones in Middle East eg. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, Phoneshut provides the latest mobile phones' Specifications and phone prices of Samsung, HTC,

IPhone, LG, Huawei and Microsoft.

The best Arab man Magazine which provides tips for health, fashion, hairstyles, images and muscle building.

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