Top 4 Tourist Destinations in the Philippines to enjoy the Yuletide season (Part 2)

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Christmas is one of the best seasons that will happen once in a year but we the Filipinos celebrate it the longest since we will always celebrate it by the start of **BER MONTHS** meaning to say that we start the countdown by September until the Christmas Eve and the celebration will not end by the New Year's Day because it will continue until the 3rd week or 4th week of January.

In my previous blog, I stated the one of the best tourist attraction every Christmas or in all seasons attraction that will make you enjoy or experience a cold or white Christmas in the country that has only 2 seasons which is rainy and sunny.

But in this Yuletide season, the Philippines can guarantee you a place where you can experience breezy or cold weather without snow because of the temperature will go down to - 2 degrees Celsius depends on the place. There are parts of the Philippines that are highly elevated that is why there are places that are cold starting November down to February.

The best way to relieve our stress from our work or our studies is to have a break and Christmas is one of the best seasons because we can feel relaxed by listening to Christmas songs that are played on the stereos, tv's (television), computer and etc or sometimes by these kids or even adults that is *caroling*(insert link) in your house, stores, establishment or etc.

There are few of us that wants to have a break by going out in a foreign country to experience a luxury break, their culture, their foods, the tradition and most of all the White Christmas especially in our country which is the Philippines that has 2 seasons only. Others want to relax in the best places in their country or in our country and some just wanted to have a rest on their homes. So I am going to share with you the list of one of the best destinations here in the Philippines for these cold weather and have to relax.

1. Batanes


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Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines and it has one of the smallest population here in the Philippines. Batanes is composed of three major islands, namely: Batan which contains the capital town of Basco, Sabtang, and Itbayat. Others said that the islands are said to be left on the Philippine area of responsibility but no it's not because it is still part of the Philippines, even though it is facing the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippines Sea.

Batanes is said to have the only 4 seasons on the entire archipelago. (Yes, 4 seasons - winter, spring, summer or fall due to it's proximity to Taiwan. But I guess, there is no snowfall in Batanes because the Philippines is a tropical country and it's really impossible, nevertheless, Batanes mostly experience one of the coldest places on the Philippines because the climate in there will drastically go down to 7 degrees Celcius these past few years but this year, so far, the lowest temperature was 12 degrees Celcius.

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Batanes view is overwhelming that you cannot find words to say or to express the exquisite beauty of Batanes. The scenic view of Batanes such as the beaches, the lagoons, coves, cliffs, caves, mountains, hills, islands, or even their villages, cafes, historical chapels, lighthouses, and their houses will leave you dumbstruck. Some or let's just say most people that watched the pictures or videos of Batanes or the tourist that visited place said that they felt like they were in Europe or in New Zealand but NO, they are still in the Philippines.

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2. Baguio

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Baguio was known for the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of it's cool weather so it is the best place to escape the hot weather or experience the cold weather since the place is elevated that's why it's cold. The coldest temperature on the history that has been recorded on Baguio City was 6.3 degrees Celcius or 43.3 degrees Fahrenheit. And also the city also was called for the City of Pines as it has a lot of pine trees.


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There are a lot of things to enjoy in the city especially in their park: Burnham Park, Wright Park, museums, and Camp John Hay. You can also enjoy the golf that showcases the world-class, their cultures that you will definitely enjoy because you will be given a chance to let them wear their tribal costume or experience their tribe or culture and their food.

3. Tagaytay

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Tagaytay is a renowned tourist spot in the Philippines, it is known for the second summer capital of the Philippines because the first one is Baguio City due to their cool temperature that is favored to the tourist spots to relaxed or enjoy.

Taal Volcano or Taal Lake can be seen in Tagaytay in a panoramic view and it is so amazing. Taal Volcano is one of the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines even though the volcano is small unlike the Mayon Volcano , the volcano has a signature for its big cratered mouth that has a hill that will spill out to the lake. Can't you imagine that the lake has a volcano and it has an island on that lake, can you? Well me also, was pretty confused to the but according to its sayings is to see is to believe.

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Aside from the Taal Volcano, there are other tourist spots in Tagaytay that you will enjoy because this place also showcased the best place to relax and enjoy.

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4. Sagada


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Sagada is a place that is higher than the Baguio City approximately five thousand feet above sea level. It is a place where there are a lot of Igorot tribe which is one of the ethnicities in the Philippines that lives on the Mountain Province, a place that is greenery because of the plants that is planted in there just rice just like the Banaue Rice Terraces, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The temperature in Sagada especially in the month of November to February will drastically go down to 4 degrees Celcius.

The place is located on the Mountain Province so literally, it is full of mountains, there are a lot of things to do in there such as visiting the caves, waterfalls, mountain trekking, museums, eating their food delicacy, their own rice terraces and watching the hanging coffins that are famous for the tourist.

Sagada is known for Hanging Coffins because the Igorot tribe of the Sagada have long practiced the tradition of burying their dead in hanging coffins, nailed to the sides of cliff faces high above the ground. This traditional burial in hanging coffins will only take place every few years, their beliefs to this tradition for burial is said that it will take them closer to their ancestral spirits. But this tradition is more on coming to its end because the new generations of the kids want to bury their family in the cemetery because they wanted to visit them, unlike the hanging coffins they can't climb and there and visit.

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