Top 5 Funniest Cars

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A veteran car nearing the end of the 2005 run in inclement weather

Images from the finish at Madeira Drive, Brighton OTHER 


Wiener Dog - the feet were attached to the wheels so they looked like it was walking down the road


Lotus and Brazilian car manufacturer Obvio have a number of versions of cute VW Beetle-esque cars that run on any combination of ethanol, petrol or natural gas. They also have optional upgrades


Very early Scalextric slot car models in 1:30 scale, circa 1957. These metal-bodied racers were electrified versions of Scalex clockwork cars

 Detail vector image of futuristic custom car, isolated on white background. File contains gradients and transparency. No blends and strokes. Easily edit: file is divided into logical layers and groups.


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