Top 5 K-Dramas You should not dare miss

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I do not love the crowd. 


I like staying in my room and spending my boring and cold rainy afternoons with my dvd. With that experience, I doubt if you could doubt my judgement.

And so without much a do (drum roll!!), here are my top five picks!




The Doctors


If you happen to practice medicine even for just a short while, well you would surely enjoy this.  You  will surely feel the urgency, the thrill and the excitement on dealing with the living and most of the time bleeding and problematic flesh.


This reminds me so much of Grey’s Anatomy but of course, nothing could beat the latter.

The storyline is not original but Park Shin-hye is really good.  She used to be a rebellious daughter who came to live with her Grandmother. She then learned that she can be loved purely even with her past and shortcomings. Her Grandmother had been her refugee. And eventually, the gangster like and troublesome child turned into a lovable and surprisingly intelligent student.  She only had one dream. She wanted to finish schooling and make life better for her grandmother, but her Grandmother died unexpectedly on a supposedly uncritical operation. No details were given by the lead surgeon and this made the grieving granddaughter doubt. Her doubts made her strive harder and she became a very good surgeon.

She then worked for the same hospital her Grandmother died. This started her quest for the truth, interesting right?

Of course, she had the gorgeous Kim Rae-won as her love interest.

He was also a doctor and they work together!

So everything was on the mix; medicine, family and love. And if you happen to watch the K-drama already, you would agree that the Rooftop scene was really romantic.



 And you can see my heart died. :')






Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok-joo


Have you watched, the “Doctors”already?  If you did, you would find the protagonist of this story familiar. Well, this is Lee Sung-kyung’s first lead role on TV. In here she was far from the insecure “Seo Woo”, she is now the bubbly, warm and food loving (fried chicken to be exact) athlete, Kim Bok-joo!


The story revolves around the awesome Bok-joo in her journey on becoming the athlete she aspires to be and in her quest on finding her one true love.  This series was very refreshing. It does not have the complicated story line most of our Filipino teleseryes have.


Bok-joo was a cool weightlifting athlete who had been blessed with amazing friends and supportive father. Her life was doing well when one rainy afternoon, she met her first crush, the diet/health doctor Jung Jae-yi (Lee Jae-yoon).  This is when all the lies and funny awkward situations took place. This is also where the line “Do you like Messi?” originated.




To wrap it up, the show was hilarious and of course, Nam Joo Hyuk as Jung Joon-hyung was an eye candy.

He will be your dream guy after watching the show.


I like how the storyline was arranged. It was perfect for me and the scenes seemed to be realistic.







The Legend of the Blue Sea


Mermaid tales will never grow old.

Especially if the mermaid is the alluring Jun Ji-hyun and the lead males star is the prepossessing Lee Min-ho.


The story should be the typical mermaid story where the mermaid fell in love with a man, became a human and latter was loved in return. They will then live happily ever after. But LOTBS was much deeper.


The story of Shim Chung and Heo Joon- hae dates back on the Joson period. It appears that they had a sad ending then, will they have the same fate in the present time?


Also, another twist is that Min-ho was a con-artist.  This was very different from the Princes we often see as the mermaid’s love interest. 

The show will tell you that indeed the heart can never forget.


I see the show as a beautifully crafted story.  Lee min- ho was amazing and the mermaid was strikingly funny (of course, this is what Jun Jhi-hyun does best).







What I love with Goblin is how the story was woven. I like the humor and the beautiful mixture of comedy, drama and at times suspense. I once read that this K-drama was perfect. And indeed it was.


Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) was a warrior turned into a Goblin who had lived for more than a hundred years.  This should be a reward right? But he has a sword stuck on his chest. And he will never forget the deaths of the people around him. How sad would it be to live and see everyone around you die?

Then here comes Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun). She was the Goblin’s bride. She can see the sword and pull it out. She can stop the Goblin’s agony. But, the Goblin will then turn into ashes and disappear with the wind.

Will she really pull the sword out and let the Goblin disappear? Will the Goblin be ready to leave his Bride?


The story was well thought of. Everything falls into place and the twist though painful, it all turned out well. And yes, this was perfect.




Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo



I am not a fan of the “costume-costume” Korean dramas. I find the robes funny and uncomfortable. But I watched this TV series and I am now a believer. You should not judge a kdrama with its cover or bad ratings.

 Yes, though this was a famous show all over the world. This isn't that well appreciated in Korea. 


But still,this show was a flavorsome buffet.


The lead stars were all beautiful. To start, we have seven Princes and all of them were handsome and yummy. My heart will always beat for the lead star though, the 4th prince, Wang So (Lee Joon Gi). The wolf dog as called by his brothers.


He was unloved by his mother and was scarred by the latter too. He grew up hating the world. Then he met Hae Soo (IU). Their love story was not easy. They have their stops and all but it was breathtakingly wonderful.


My favorite line was when IHae Soo said that she was hoping that she’ll be happy at the end. That’s why she keeps on waiting. My heart was like crushed. I can relate.


And of course, the letter was a tear- jerker.



This is what the letter says:


Life is like a dream. Right and wrong. Love and hate. They all get buried with the passing of time and leave quietly with no trace.

Do you still think that you don’t have my whole heart and resent me? I am always worried that I may have left you with hatred instead of love, not allowing you to rest in peace.


I still love you.

When you gave up everything and stood by me in the rain… When you threw your body in the way of a flying arrow to protect me…


You became someone I could never forget in my life.

I came to realize that the opposite of loving is not hating, but leaving. I’m afraid that you may think that I left you and that you left me. I yearn for you so much, but I can’t be near you. I hope and wait to see you again inside these fences, I’ll be waiting for you… every day.”



And I am crying with you right now. :'(


Well, then enjoy binge watching!


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