Top 6 Quick Snack Ideas That Will Improve Your Children’s Health

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Are you worried that the foods your children are eating in school are not healthy enough? It is perfectly understandable for you to have this concern considering that most school cafeterias in the country are serving unhealthy food.


But you can’t do anything since you are so busy and not able to find time in preparing healthy kid lunches and snack. Well, you don’t have to fret anymore. There are quick snack ideas that don’t need too much time to prepare. You can easily whip them up in a short time and they will still provide good nutrition to your kids while they are in school.


Here are some healthy snacks that don’t need a long time to prepare.


1. Sunflower seeds – they are high in protein and fiber, and will serve as a powerhouse for your growing kids. They may be high in fat, but it is the healthy kind of fat usually found in nuts and olive oil.


2. Fresh fruits – these do not need any kind or preparation. Some will have to be peeled before they are eaten. Choose apples, bananas, grapes and similar fruits.  Your kids will love them because they are easily eaten, delicious and nutritious as well.


3. Granola bars – if you will buy granola bars with whole grains, you will provide your kids with crunchy treats that are rich in protein and fiber. Stay away from bars that look more like candy bars which are just high in sugar and nothing else.


4. Scrambled eggs – make hard-boiled eggs on a weekend, and store them in the fridge. When you need to make a healthy snack, just take them out of the fridge, slice them into small pieces, add cheese and poultry, or mix it in sauce and then wrap it in a tortilla and give them to your kids.


5. Veggies – this is the healthiest snack you can give your kids, although not the usual ones. But if you get your kid in the habit of eating veggies, that will be excellent. It is really just a matter of making them attractive and yummy. So, slice a piece of carrot into tiny strips, add in some small pieces of broccoli and offer them to your kids with their favorite dip. Or you can bake veggie chips to make them more interesting to eat. Veggies are usually included in healthy lunch ideas for kids.


6. Assorted nuts – nuts contain fats that are good for the heart and arteries. They are also rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals. But don’t give your kids too much macadamia since they are high in saturated fats.

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