top 9 elite military forces in world.

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                                    The unit of country's armed forces that overtake covert, counterterrorist and other specialized operation conducted in a country.     

  No group of army in the world, fascinates us more than special forces. Special are trained to their extreme level's, they are pushed to their limit's. They are one of the most formidable unit a country can have. The origins of special force are date back to twentieth century, during the world war II. Some of these special task group are publicized and are well know by whole world. And some of them are not well know.

                        Whether mission is about emerging through water for a silent kill, or rescue hostages from hostage - taker, or maybe sabotaging the escape route of terrorist. These force are able to tread to a path on which other military group's are not willing to go. Now, which one of the them is the best? Answering this question is extremely difficult, because everyone of them is uniquely trained. Everyone of the them is trained for different mission's, some for hostage rescue, or some for bomb's disposal. Following of these are top 10 in world ranking's and maybe someone might have a change point of view.

1.Navy SEAL's - United States of America:

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                       Navy SEAL's, well know as the United State Navy Sea, Air and land. Trace of SEAL's can be found in world war II. The U.S Navy SEAL's is one of the top ten special operation force, which was created in 1962. As being one of the most elite force in world, their training is extremely brutal. One of the toughest training part is, hell week. Hell week is a defining event BUD/S training. Hell week is consisted of 5 and half day of cold wet, brutal operation and fewer hours to sleep. Hell week is not only test of physical endurance, but also your mental toughness and cold tolerance, team work and your ability to work under extreme physical and mental stress and sleep deprivation. Now, what make's them one of the most elite force in world, reason is their training sessions are so tough that only 25% of the candidate only make it trough the hell week. And these 25% are not the strongest, or the fastest swimmer, but those who have a burning desire to be Navy SEAL's. Candidate's who make it out of hell week, it become one of their greatest achievement and with that it come to their realization that they can do 20x of what they thought was even possible.

                               Navy SEAL's operation were a lot, but i'm going to discuss one of Navy SEAL's Team Six operations. One of the operations were, Invasion of Grenada. 13 march 1979 People's Revolutionary Army, led by Maurice Bishop overthrew the independent government of Grenada. On 25 October, the U.S invaded Grenada, code name of operation was Urgent  Fury.

                        SEAL Team Six's Assault Group three was drop few miles from Grenadian coast, they were to drop by the static lines. One of C-130 a cargo plane was transporting SEAL's to drop point off course. Just before SEAL's conducted drop, a rain squall accompanied by high wind just broke out. Four out of eight SEAL's who jumped were not found. Latter, Assault group was told to stand down and prepare for next mission, which was to go to governor mansion and secure Governor General Paul Scoon, protect him and his family and move out of combat area. Second mission was to secure Grenada's only radio station to prevent from retaliation.

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2.Special Air Service (SAS) - United Kingdom:

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                        British Special Air Service was created in 1941. it was created, so it operate behind lines of German and Italian. Their training is also a lot brutal, that why the candidates who pass these training are only handful. Physical requirement for joining the force is harsh. It has three phases number one Endurance, second jungle training and third is Escape & Evasion and Tactical Questioning.

                         Phase one is know as the endurance, fitness or hill stage. This phase is not only test of physical endurance or fitness, but also of your mental stamina. You need a, high level of determination and self reliance to pass this phase. This stage last for three weeks and take place in Brecons Beacons  and Black Hill of south Wales. Candidates have to carry intense weight long time of hikes. No one encourage you or criticize you. Demand of life in a special force would require self-motivation. Endurance phase end with 40 miles of running and 55lb of weight carried on the shoulder.

                         Then, they reach phase second, those who pass phase one. Jungle training is conducted in Belize, in heart of deep jungles. Candidates learn basic survival, hunting and defending themselves and their team mates behind enemy lines. Special forces need men who can work in relentless pressure and extremely difficult environment. Like, all test this is also not based on physical endurance, but also on mental toughness.

                        A really small number of candidates, make it through endurance and jungle training. If, they do next come the Escape & Envasion and Tactical questioning. Not every time a mission go good, sometime thing really go bad and in some worse case they even get caught. In, this phase they are trained to escape and evade even hundred of armed militia. But, what if, they still got caught, for that purpose they are trained, they have a interrogation room in which interrogate the candidate to teach them to resist interrogation. Interrogators are unfriendly and try every thing to make you answer their question. Now, at this point the candidates who answer, their question get to go home, but those who don't answer the question and resist interrogation get to become Special force.

                                   These are some operations in Mediterranean One of their was called Operation Albumen, which was during, 8 June 1942 to 5 July 1943. In, this operation plan was a raid on Axis airfield in Crete. Another operation is called Operation Husky, during July 1943. Plan of this operation was invasion of Sicily.

3.Alpha Group - Russia:

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Should Russian Spetsnaz be on this position?  No, Spetsnaz is a general term for Russian all special force. Alpha group is deadly as they look. They were started out in mid -1970's. Alpha Group are the most famous special force in Russia. They are the most powerful unit in Russia. Their mission is to fight against the terrorism and terrorist. Candidate applying for special units are aged between 22 and 27, while elders are in management and trainers. 

                Candidates you have to join have to be already undergone specialist courses, on bit of selective course they are all equal. Their training also includes long hour of running and physical & mental stress. like all special forces, only a handful of candidates make it through training. Top professional and member of alpha group unit. candidate has to spend three year in training.


4.Joint Task Force-2 (JTF-2) - Canada:

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                   JTF-2 was created in 1993 and expanded to hundred of members latter on. Joint task force is an elite special operation force of the Canadian force created to counter terrorism, hostage rescue and e.t.c. They are well know for exporting V.I.P or providing event security. They are headquartered in Dwyer Hill, Ottawa. JTF-2 is the mixture of civilian and military from across the army Navy and air force. The journey to become jtf-2 is not easy, training is extremely tough and brutal, but courage, strength and determination they would gain would stay with them forever. JTF 2 has two process  selection and training process for all candidates. To be eligible for JTF 2, must pass basic combat test, advanced individualised training and volunteer for air borne training. If. they pass all these training they are eligible for applying for JTF 2. 

                  Overall, they have five steps.

  • Meet eligibility criteria 
  • Pre-selction Physical fitness test
  • JTF 2 selection process
  • JTF 2 Assessment Centre
  • Special Operations Assaulter Course

Those handful who get through these extreme mental, physical and determination test get to become JFT 2, the glory that will stay with them forever. After the SOAC candidate's get to decide that in what category, they want to join.  


5.Delta Force - USA:

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                               Delta Force is also know as First Special Operation Force, it's one of the special unit of United States Of America to counter terrorism and special missions. Not only this it also take part is hostage, raid and covert operations. This Special Forces was formed in 1977 due to increase in terrorism. Delta force is trained in such a way that it can remain extremely flexible and indulge in direct action mission. Delta force is also highly influenced in holly wood movies and on other media'. Delta Force recruitment have two process.

  • Selection Process
  • Training Process

             A candidate who, want to apply for delta force must be a male, 21 year old and must have scored high in all necessary skills to join a special force. Applicant must be a sergeant. Delta force mostly pick up candidates from Marine crops or the Army itself. To join a elite force you must be willing to go under anything they put you trough and their most focus is not on physical training but mostly on mental training that, their mind implement all the limits on them, they got no limits.

           Selection process is based on United Kingdom SAS model. The selection course begin with test including push ups, sits up, 3 miles of running and then candidates are on land navigation of eighteen mile, all night of navigation course while carrying thirty five pound on your back. As, they go through this process weight and distance increase, but time in fact decreases rapidly. Now, test ends with forty miles of long marching and forty five pound off their back, and candidates felt like they are in heavens by dropping off the loads. 

           After this process they go through mental test. Candidates are usually mentally exhausted. Then, they toward their instructors, board of delta, psychologist and Delta commander who ask them questions and would ponder over every response they give them. After this, unit commander would approach them and tell them, if they are successful or not. If they are, then they would go through six month of extreme mental and physical test of endurance and finally become unit of Delta Force. The glory would be theirs.

6.Sayeret Matkal - Israel:

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                     Sayeret Matkal is one of the elite force of the world, owned by Israel. This is also most effective stealth force of the world to counter terrorism. It is the most secretive force of the world. This special force of Israel is a special force for completing mission of anti terrorism, hostage rescue and some stealth mission. Sayeret Matkal was founded in 1957 to complete special mission. Candidates who want to join the special force. have to undergone eighteen month of training which include infant school, basic training, high level training and counter terrorism training. This force has many successful mission since 1960's. 

                      One of their operation was in Palestine, were terrorist had take hostage's on board an airliner Which was flying towards Uganda. Many, hostages were released and some were taken to airport terminal building. A group of 100 Israeli Commandos including the Sayeret Matkal assault team, infiltrated the terminal and kill all terrorist and rescued all hostages.

7.Marcos - India:

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                                The Marcos (marine commando force) is one of the elite force of the world. It's one of the best special mission force in the world. It was created to complete special mission such as counter terrorism, counter proliferation, hostage rescue and unconventional warfare. This force is specially trained and equipped to counter any kind of special mission. This force is emotionally trained and highly motivated when it comes to their own country.  

                               Their recruitment has two part selection and training. Marcos only select males from Indian Navy. Age criteria is, a candidates should be in his 20's. Selection standard are extremely high. The training process is continuous, it never ends. Unlike British and American a course of two year for new recruits. The training include air operation, anti terrorsim operation, anti hijacking, infiltration and exfiltration and some small unit operation.

                           Their training process is extreme, they undergo three long day of physical and mental endurance test. 80% of candidates don't make it through the training. They have similar week as, Navy SEAL's which is hell week. It's same as SEAL's extreme degree of physical training and sleep deprivation. Their training are in a duration of two and three and a half year. Basic training last for six months. Not only this, they are trained with every kind of weapon, from knives, crossbows, assault rifles and submachine guns. They are also specialized in underwater diving. 

                            Their training also includes skydiving, para training, basic commando skills including weapon training, physical endurance, intelligence training, off-shore training and operation from submarine. They must be specialized in these operation. Marcos has their own training facility. Their operation are also some successful. A operation know as, Operation Pawan in 1987 where IMSF (Indian Marine Special Force) helped capturing harbours of Jaffna and Trincomalee.

 8.Special Service Group (SSG) - Pakistan: 

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                              Pakistan created it's own special force know as Special Service Group (SSG), in 1956. Their selection process is rigorous and 1 out of 10 only make it trough the tough training. SSG unit headquater is situated in Tarbela Cantonment. They are trained in a rigorous environment, which is training in mountain, jungle and underwater. Applicants for SSG must have a two year of military experience, if he want to be eligible for SSG. After being eligible for special force, they have to go through nine month of training in Cherat. They have to complete 36 miles for marching in 12 hours, air borne training they must go through airborne school. Candidates have to be disciplined, those who don't stay disciplined have to stayed in cold water, until their C.O allow them to come out. 

                  They have some process.

  • Physical training process (unknown miles of running, pounds of weight on their backs), working in extreme pressure.
  • Equipment Training process (shooting skills, war skills)
  • Tactical questioning .

9.GIGN - France:


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                             Gendarmerie Intervention Group was established in 1974, as special force of France. GIGN headquater is located in Versailles Satory near Paris. It's most operation is took place in only France. They are well know for their hostages rescues mission like many other forces of Europe. GIGN is involved in over 1,800 mission and have rescued more then 600 hostages and become a elite force of world in counter terrorism. Most of their mission are hostage rescue, counter terrorism, arresting of dangerous armed persons and resolution of prison riots.

                     Candidates have to go through a week of selection process then, those who are selected have to go through eighteen month of training which includes shooting, long range shooting, airborne course and hand to hand combat training. In.their training process, mental ability and self control are important in addition to physical toughness. Training is so rigorous that only 7 to 8% of candidates make it through the training process.



ion, i'm going to mention few. 

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