Top five Hollywood suspense movies that rocked the world

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With augment of time, movies have become one of the best sources of entertainment. In today’s era, different genres of movies are directed out of which suspense movies are considered the best. A suspense thriller film come in those categories whose plot are not easily implemented, which in return, gives the viewer a great edge-of-seat experience. Most on the films directed in Hollywood on a yearly basis are thrillers of some sort or other, so the report on great thrillers is extremely long.

List of the top five Hollywood thriller movies of all times

Below mentioned is the list of top five Hollywood suspense movies, which have captured the attention of the audience and have given shiver under their spine.

Rear Screen: This Alfred Hitchcock vintage suspense thriller was directed in the year 1954. The move has been ranked number one on American Picture Institute's top 10 mystery movies in recent history. While spying about the neighbors close to the apartment complex along with binoculars, a man on a wheelchair can be convinced of having witnessed a murder. The story comes around in a different channel when the murderer finds the person who saw him committing the crime. The story shows the immense will power of the handicapped person to fight the criminal.

The Regular Suspects: Once a truck brimming with weapons is hijacked, five known thieves are brought in the police station for interrogation. Only one of five thieves' reports innocence and gains the release. However, when the interrogating office turns about, he gets the shock of his life as he comes to know that, the entire story, which was told to him by the thief, was a lie and the story was taken from a newspaper. This suspense thriller was directed in 1995.

The Village: A close connected community in the late nineteenth century reside their lives aware of the scary creatures that have a home in the woodlands just beyond their households. However, when a villager is saved from a deadly disease, the secret of the scary creature is reveled. This suspense thriller seemed to be filmed in the year 2004.

The Number 23: This suspense thriller was directed in 2007, which is about the obsession, which a man has with a novel that seems to be written about items that have transpired in the life. The number 23 occurs in the novel as well as in his way of life repeatedly. However, in the end, the person learns something much more important with reference to the novel, the novelist.

Inside Man: In a hostage circumstances involving a bank burglary, an ingenious thief and a seasoned police officer match wits. At the finish of their particular cat and mouse activity, the police officer gets the hostages, but the bank robber somehow invisible, walks past numerous police officers along with his takings leaving the officers blank and stone faced about the mastermind job.

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