Top Four (4) Benefits of Being Organized

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Hello Bitlanders! Today, I wanted to share with you how important being organized is. I'm a Civil Engineer and a digital art hobbyist and now, a writer wannabe and so being highly organized has been part of my daily life. In this article, I'd like to write not just about the benefits of being organized but also something about my past experiences during my workdays and how I have developed the skill of systematic technique which I use with my everyday tasks.

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Well, how is it that I came up with this article anyway? I was thinking what my next topic would be as I was looking at my digital art collections as well as all the technical plans I have collected during my previous works. I was amazed at how I wanted my collections to be as they are now, sorted in folders and easy to navigate and find.

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I mean, imagine a refrigerator full of food items inside, but totally messed up, how will you be able to find a ketchup if you do not know where it is placed inside the refrigerator? How about in the middle of the night when you want to go to the bathroom and you suddenly tripped over something on your way? Luckily, I haven't experienced those things I have said.

I started developing my organizing skills way back 2013 when I got hired as Deputy Area Coordinator of KC-MCC (KALAHI or Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan - Millenium Challenge Corporation). Being organized is essential since I was dealing with a fast-paced job, always in a hurry, weekly reporting, monthly technical assessment, fiduciary reports and ensuring all technical documents are complete and consistent. Then I got my first netbook so I can bring my work at home. I handled ten (10) small communities or what we call Barangay (in the Philippines) under a certain Municipality. So basically, I have ten (10) projects all implementing simultaneously.

During those times, I have intensified to develop the habit of organizing. So now I'd like to narrow down the list of my top four benefits of being organized, and this is based on my experience.

#1 Being Organized Reduces Stress

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Every time a revision in my technical documents needs to be done, I get to navigate my computer easily and find what I want in the shortest time possible, thereby preventing myself to undergo a certain level of stress. Yah, I know, right?

Organizing my files in different folder and subfolders does not really take that much time anyway, plus with the benefit of seeing my laptop that clean, makes me feel more comfortable when working.

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Organizing is very applicable not just in technical aspects of my work but also in my daily tasks, like whenever I feel like writing with my tablet, my body would automatically have that initiative to know where to get my tablet or other kinds of stuff like a comb, I just like the way things are arranged in a way that I like. I don't need to think where I placed any of my pieces of stuff because I already know where to find them.

#2 Being Organized Means Being Productive

Well, working with KC-MCC was rewarding. Other than helping the community get involved with implementing infrastructure projects, I also get to see the effects of my works on peoples' lives.

I have experienced preparing one hundred eighty (180) technical documents in a matter of two (2) weeks, a day before the deadline and I have to say it was already an achievement for me.

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I guess being productive in a fast-paced job is an asset. As the time passes by, I came to realize that being organized is in fact very useful when it comes to being productive. Taking down notes and making checklists or to-do lists are just the starts of setting goals and sticking with it would help in completing those goals ahead of time. Yep. That's just me.

#3 Being Organized Promotes a Healthy Environment

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Based on my experience, I have been organizing my stuff for a while and it really does promote a healthy environment. It feels lighter and convenient whenever I see my things in a systematic order.

I would know where to go or find whatever I want to find despite the numerous files I have on my computer.

#4 Be Organized for a Healthy Lifestyle

I've had a co-worker before whom I really find to be so messy about her stuffs that every time I see her walking to the door, she'd always have this grumpy face and she's always in a hurry like she's being chased by something and I always see her so busy looking for her files that consumes a large amount of her time every day in the office. What a total mess, right? And the worst thing about that is she'd always find a way that people around her gets affected by her cranky behavior because she puts the blame on somebody when in fact she is the one with the problem.

She is the best example of why it is so important to improve being organized and make it into a habit. Based on my experience, being organized promotes a healthy lifestyle because not only does it lessens the stress, organizing skills can also help in focusing on the tasks at hand.

I've never imagined my room to be so chaotic but come to think of it, I would never have gone this far if it weren't for my organizing skills. As the saying goes,

"One simple action can define a huge amount of who you are."

I made that up by myself, really. 

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Let the Mind Speak

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My work as a Civil Engineer is never easy but relying on my organizing skills has silently improved my life and helped me enormously in decision making and setting my priorities.

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Right now, I'm slowly learning to organize my ideas so I can create more digital art and write more blogs during weekends so I can indulge with my creativity and enjoy the benefit of organizing.

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So to summarize everything, the top four (4) benefits of being organized are as follows:

#1 Being Organized Reduces Stress

#2 Being Organized Means Being Productive

#3 Being Organized Promotes a Healthy Environment

#4 Be Organized for a Healthy Lifestyle

Here is a screenshot of my laptop files.

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