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Tsu, it’s a new social network that actually pays you to be active on the site and publish content. It’s not retirement kind of money but it’s possibly free lunch money every month if you’re active. I would also recommend people to signup even if they aren’t going to be active to reserve their user name. We will see how Tsu grows in the long term but so far it’s gone to become a top 2395 website in the USA in under a month. I’ve also seen some stats about engagement and it seems quite high for now. It will be interesting to see what goes on in the future.

To sign-up go to: tsu

With Tsu you need to be invited by someone and you can use my link above. You can also use any of the links below from the top 10 people to follow on

1. Sabastian Sobczal

2. CurtisJackson 50cents

3. Carmelo Anthony

4. Jon Kopaloff

5. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

6. Charity Water

7. StreetArtAnarchy


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