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1st day was totally unexpected, he's a newbie, and he don't know much here, so his 1st 5 hours here, i was so shocked, he got  60 BUZZ , so i checked what was he doing on his first 5 hours, i saw he uploaded 1 photo and 1 microblog, then on;

his second day, it was totally awesome! he got 85 BUZZ then he was top 4 on that night, then i checked again what was he doing on that day, i saw there's just few posts, so he's so happy of course on the result, and i asked him to post more for him to get more buzz, and mingle with others cause it will help you more, he was so totally lucky, he was so happy and i see him more determined, and i'm totally impressed actually , i'm happy for him either,

3rd day came, he remained the 91 BUZZ on that night, top 5, he was sad because he got the lower rank,i know it was not that low, oh c'mon i can't even do that man, anyway, continue on his story;

then 4th day came, he's on the 91 BUZZ still but now on the top 4 again.. so he was happy , hahah pretty sure! :))

Congrats to you,

congrats to me too

coz i got you here






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