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This the list of the best manga series that are ongoing (all). You must read them before you leave for the other world!!.

This the list of the best manga series that are ongoing (all). You must read them before you leave for the other world!!.

These are some excellent work of art and writing.




10.    Naruto

The all time awesome series, NARUTO!!, its a good series that is set up in a ninja world with ninjas having cool powers. The story is have great emotional scenes, unrivaled emotional scenes. The series have good comedy too with action and adventure.




9.    Terra Formars


Is a good series. Different from the others.



8.    Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on titans)

Ah, well if you want some real fight with emotional scenes and awesome gore,then this series is right for you.Its a great series about survival and revenge.



7.    Magi

MAGI .The.Labyrinth.of.Magic.full.1262836

A good story. The character development is nice and the plot is cool.



6.    Hunter X Hunter


One of my very favorite series. The story have great deal of action,adventure and friendship.



5.    Silver Spoon


This series is very different from the others, it kind of resembles the life of many students in our society. Its a very good anime with full reality stuff. No magic and super powers, some real good reality based story.



4.    Kuroko no basketball


A great manga,Kuroko(the hero), I really like him, he is,different.Well the series is about basketball, its the best basketball and sports anime ever!!.



3.    Assassination Classroom


A different series, a good idea and nice characters.



2.    Fairy Tale


Another good fighting and never giving up stuff series. This series also includes comedy and emotional scenes that makes this manga very awesome.



1.    One piece


The all time best manga and anime series, ONE PIECE, its a real AWESOME work of art and plot. This is the master piece. Its been ongoing for a very long time too. You MUST have to WATCH this series. (my favorite manga and anime)

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