Topic about faithfulness

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Topic about faithfulness

Faithfulness- being faithful – in a relationship means that you are committed to one person. Or if you are a polygamist being faithful to your wives. It means you have chosen to date only your partner and not any other people. Being faithful implies that you will have only one sexual partner at a time. John : how can I get my girlfriend to trust me and believe that I am faithful?

If she doesn’t trust you try to put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself why. Can you honestly say that she has no reason to doubt your honesty?

If you are honest about you own feeling and if you are respectful of your girlfriend’s feeling and respond to her needs. she will learn to trust you. If you have made a mistakes by neglecting her or having spent too much time with another woman accept some responsibility for what has happened . never be afraid to say you are sorry , but never try to make excuses . don’t be dishonest . if your

girlfriend still doesn’t trust you, she might have some very bad past experiences and you will have to be very patient and understand . if that doesn’t work either , you might have to accept that things are never going to work out between you two and suggest that you break up.

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