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                 Topic about parents

Parents are people who have taken the responsibility of producing and raising children.Raising children mean taking care of their needs: ensuring they eat enough, have cloths receive an education and have a safe place to stay. to produce a child, there are two people involved : a man and woman .these two people are biological parents . Often children are raised by one parent only (single parent).


When a married couple with children separate, they are still parents and many divorced parents share the responsibilities towards their children people who have adopted children are also parents and foster parents take care of children on behalf of their biological parents.Tendani: why do my parents treat me as if I am still a baby?


The relationship between a parents and teenage child is often challenging the reason for this is that the teenage or adolescent the stage between being a child and being an adult .you want more independence ,but your parents know the dangers that lie in big outside world. And probably want to protect you teenagers from harm anile: why are my parents so behind the times? The world has changed very fast in the last twenty or thirty years :attitudes and behavior, fashions, education, technology, politics you have decided your parents are old-fashioned ,without even trying to let them explain why they like something or want to do something. have you tried to talk openly about it to them?


Zara: many parents don’t understand how difficult it is to be a teenager. How can I get them to listen? There are no hard and and fast rules for parental relation with teenagers. every family will have different priorities and their principals and moral values will differ from one family to another.

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