Tough to get into clinical study

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The list is for clinical study.  All who want to join must meet the requirement:

"1.       Healthy Male or Female (*females: must NOT be pregnant or lactating)

2.       Race:     Chinese (both parents)

3.    Age:      21 - 65 years old  

4.    BMI:      19 to 28 kg/m2

(Volunteers who do not meet this requirement shall be rejected at the IMU entrance. We apologise for the strict adherence to the study criteria)

5.   No medical history/illness

6.   No known allergy to drug, food, etc.

7.   No sensitive skin or skin diseases on the abdomen

8.   Volunteer (and sexual partner) agree to use medically acceptable barrier method of contraception from first dose to 90 days after the last dosing

9.   No history of alcohol or drug abuse within the last year

10. No donation of blood or blood products of more than 400 ml within the last 3 months

11. No participation in clinical trial involving investigational drug or device within the last 3 months

12. Agree to abstain from ingesting caffeine- or xanthine-containing products (e.g. coffee, tea, cola, milo, energy drinks, 100 Plus, isotonic drinks and chocolate) for48 hours before and after dosing 

13. Abstain from use of prescription or non-prescription drugs, including fish oil, herbal, and dietary supplements, at least 14 days before first dose

14. Abstain from excessive physical exercise throughout the study

15. Able to fast for 8 hours when fasting bloods are required

16. Capable of giving informed consent (in English language)

17. Able to comply to ALL stay-in and outpatient visit dates

18. Not travelling overseas during the study period.

19. Pass both Phone/ Pre-Screening and Screening criteria"

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