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When I visit a new country or city, it doesn't heppens that I use tours.  I prefer to discover the city mysef. When I start it, it was kind of scary because you are in city that do not know it and some times you do not know their language either. But I think the positive points of descovering myself is more than using a tour.

First of all, I have different choices to spend my time and visiting places. When you travel with a tour, you have to make it on scheduled bases that you cant change it. But when you a alone you can change your schedule any time you want. For example you are visiting an old boring building, if you were in a tour you cant escape that but when you are alone you can leave the place to somewhere more exiting.

The socond reason that I do not like using tours is that they take you to famus places that all the time is full of tourists. You cant see much local people and local culture there. I prefer to visit local culture than meeting tourists like mysefe. For example people going to Paris to visit the Efel tower. It is good but, I prefer to sit in local cafe arownd the tower and drinking some coffe or eating food than standing in lines for hours to go up to top of the tower.

Also, l love to go around ask the address from locals, sit in local resturant and finding new places that ordinary tourists do not see them. I want to see new countries from local perspectives and I want to know people rather than places.

The last reason is that in a tour you stick with people that you do not know and some times you do not like their habits. You have to spend hours with them that you do not like and you can't enjoy that. Most of the time matching with them waste most of your time trip.

What about you, do you like to travel with a scheduled tour or you want to descover and experience local culture yoursef?


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