Tourism in Afghanistan

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   Tourism is one sort of voyage or travels, by mean of touring, sightseeing, entertain, and science survey of different areas of the world. Usually tourism has excursion and work goals.

Tourist is a person, who travel to another countries, cities, or some areas except of her/his environment, which it isn’t at period of fewer one day and night and most of one year. Last years wealthy people had traveled to remote areas, which see beautiful and historical building, sand know about historical ancient, and culture, tradition, and civilization of some countries.


Thus, recently tourism changed to one of most important source of economical grow in the world. And tourism has counted one of most important source of revenues in the most countries of the world. Nowadays most of countries have been trying to existence necessary possibilities for growing and expanding travel and tourism in their countries. Because tourism is one of most important and enormous earns ways.

Afghanistan has been special geographical situation in Asia, with historical ancient, nice nature, refresh weather, and touristic areas. Afghanistan was one of connector commercial consignment of silk caravans’ ways. Also Buddhists was traveling from china countries to Europe west from this way. And this caused, that attract attention of tourisms and specially monk Buddhists. Bahamian territory (it is one of cities in Afghanistan, (that the sculpture Buddha situated in this city) mysterious choice for their worship, and made the famous and big Buddha sculpture in there.

The Buddhism followers and tourism came from every corner of the world in Bahamian, and these were historical ancient and historical areas, that attract attention of tourism to self. In this cause, Afghanistan government has established {Garzandavy organization or
(new Afghan tour )} by mean of beings of facilities and doing of touristic services for tourism in 1941 year, and this organization has achieved global organization membership in 1934 year.

In the last decades tourism has counted one of most important earns source. But unfortunately tourism has to incur a loss in the 3 decades of war, and only less of correspondents have coming and going. Recently security and peace is better proportionately than the other time.

Nowadays Afghanistan government is trying to expand tourism in the country. And do some works for expand of tourism in Afghanistan like: make of hotel, transportation services, and act. Afghanistan has most important touristic areas, and these are contains museums, historical and religious ancient, and handcraft bazaars.

These are most important touristic areas and cities in Afghanistan: Bahamian, Balkh, Samangan, Heart, Ghore, Ghazni, Kandahar, and Kabul, Jalalabad, Leshkargah and act.

In Bahamian existence engraving cavern, sculpture and Amir harbor. In Balkh city noble (Rovzaa) shrine, in Heart city existence, place for public prayer outside the town, historical minaret, (Khaja Abdullah Ansary) shrine, Aiaraan tower, citadel tower, Khaja Ghaltan. And in Ghore city beings Jam minaret, and in Ghazni city existence historical minaret, Sardar hill, and Balaa Hasar, and some of cities in Afghanistan has a lot of historical ancient like Heart, and Ghazni, this city is one of famous city in the world, thus having shrines, historical buildings, and Ghazni has know as a cultural and international city in the world.

Afghan people know this, which Afghanistan will change to a touristic country once again. And we believe to it that we will achieve a new, honorable, and splendid, and no one will say, that Afghanistan is most corruption countries in the world we will show to world that we can achieve a free Afghanistan once again. It’s slogan of Afghan people for all people of the world.

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