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India can really heat up in the summer. It sucks up all the energy from one’s body and it just gets tiring to continue with the daily lifestyle. However, in such a depressing season everyone only thinks about going out on holidays to chilly areas. Therefore the best chilly areas then would be the crown of West Bengal, Darjeeling. It is the favourite holiday destination for the Bengalis and nowadays people from all over the world also visit Darjeeling. As famous as its tea is its welcoming nature towards the tourists there. Visiting Darjeeling gives a different feeling of a completely different climatic place than any other stubborn hot places in India. One of the best refreshing touring places would be Darjeeling for any person on any purpose.

A tourist normally doesn’t need any guide in here. Starting from breakfast at Keventeers to lunch at Glennary’s and dinner at Park are three of the best things to do in Darjeeling. In the midst some sightseeing at the zoo, or the museum, sunrise at tiger hill or you can just sit at the mall and stare at the hills enjoying the cool breeze blowing continuously. Another best thing would be the Mongolian features that will just make your day. For all the women shopping can be quite thrilling here. Words can never describe the ‘to do’ list in Darjeeling cause you ought to visit it.

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