Toyota Prius latest model

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Toyota Company is one of the best motor companies in all over the world. Toyota Prius is one of the best cars in category of Japanese cars. Toyota Company produces best quality cars in low price. This is how it is the largest motor company of the world. Toyota Prius is best car due to its best performance. It makes market very rapidly all over the world. Due to good quality Pakistan import used Japanese cars in large amount. Toyota Prius get very popularity because it is a luxury car with powerful engine. The modified Prius is the dream of every car lover.

The Interior is very beautiful and luxury. Its design is very different from other cars. The utility package is also available in this car. To types of Prius is import. One is fully loaded push start and other is simple with key entry. In luxury edition the Prius has chromed boarder on AC grills and door handles. The gear knob in very beautiful because it is stylish and very small as compare to other cars. The 7” display with 2 speakers is fitted with GPS system and Japanese language. The Steering wheel is powered and multimedia controlled. You can control your display by buttons on steering. The cruise control is also available in this model. You can set your speed limit. The display is led screen that shows condition of engine with speed o meter and fuel average. The entry is push start.

The exterior is very sportive. The front Nero headlamps are looking sportive. The front bumper has also a safe guard that protects your bumper. The headlights are halogen with projector lights. The fog lights are also available in bumper. The door handle are colored and push button for entry. The rear lamps are stylish with Neon lights. The neon brake light is long bar shaped that looks gorgeous in night. The dolphin style hood is fitted on the roof that makes it sports. All metallic colors are available in this model.

The Hybrid engine is very powerful. The engine fit on front with 5 passenger capacity and 4doors. The engine type is DOHC Inline-4. The power is 95hp and 105lb with permanent AC electric motor. The combined power rating is 121hp. The transmission is automatic with 1800CC. The top speed is 220KM/h. the price is 450, 0000/.

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