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To avoid from accident we all have to follow the rules of traffic properly in all conditions. Most of the deaths are caused by traffic accidents now days so we all have to be careful while driving or using the road as a pedestrian or anything. Safety is the most important thing today for a human life. Some of the traffic rules are given below to avoid from accidents .Before going on a drive we should check our drive (car, truck, van, bike etc.) on daily routine bases.


  1.        We should always use seat belts while driving.
  2.        We should use all the mirrors efficiently while driving.
  3.        We should have to cross the roads from zebra crossings, or when         the signal goes on to red position.
  4.        We should all have to stop on red signal and should wait for the green so the traffic can flow easily
  5.        Over speeding should be totally prohibited. We should maintain our speed of vehicle according to the speed limits.
  6.        Always try to drive on the given lane for the specific vehicle.
  7.        Always use the indicators while driving or overtaking.
  8.        Always overtake from the right side.