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Transformers Age of Extinction is the most anticipated films in China. Li Bingbing, actress China are believed to major movie star was certainly feeling depressed look of appreciation addressed to him.

Although not the first Hollywood film Li Bingbing, the actress was filming an action is much heavier than that expected, as expressed LollipoSg via JayneSatars. So what makes the actress feel depressed?

"My English is not fluent, but I had to show as if I'm fluent in English. I have to memorize the dialogue well, but the script is always changing, because the shooting was more severe," he said.
Many fans who praised the beauty of Li Bingbing in TRANSFORMERS 4. Unfortunately not so with the sexy actress bodied, even he called his performance "ugly".

When you first photos of all the players out, Li Bingbing was almost in tears because they do not like the look. After that cast the CEO brought his own team for arranging and designing clothes.

One more thing that makes Li Bingbing not satisfied when filming, the name of his character. "I'm playing a CEO, should my name is Liao Xiumei. It is not nice, it's just weird name so I changed it to Se Yueming,"

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