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Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

I could have just ended my Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm or the Imbayao Hobbit House travel blog with the previous blog entries but I realized I should mention more information most especially to those who need help with how to get to the farm as well as setting up the right expectations.

So today, I am off again with another set of travel guides and tips when visiting Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm. I am going to cover the following:

1. How to get to Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm
2. Fees and rates when traveling to Malaybalay, Bukidnon
3. Food at farm
4. What activities can be enjoyed while at the farm?
5. Reminders when visiting Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm is a nature preserve farm in Sitio Sinaburan Brgy. Imbayao, Malaybalay Bukidnon. The owner, Mr. Benjamin Maputi Sr. and his family had promised to keep this range free from any negative mountain activities such as illegal logging. They own 22 hectares of this land and his wife is also the Barangay Captain in their area thus they are setting good examples to their comrades!

Apart from it being an Agro Eco Farm, they also have developed Instagram-worthy corners which were done with the help of his son, Mr. Benjamin Maputi Jr. who had created eight DIY hobbit houses as of this writing!

How to get to Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Wherever you come from, may it be from Cagayan De Oro or Davao, the stop point should be at the intersection in Sumpong, there's a Shell gasoline station in front of the intersection so it is easier to locate.

If you are from Cagayan De Oro just like us, there are a lot of buses going to Malaybalay, there's Rural Bus Lines or Pabama Bus Tours which also has their double-decker buses traveling every 6 AM, 12 NN and 6 PM from Agora Bus Terminal. Ticket fare is at Php 130, take the air-conditioned bus because the trip can be long and tiring. For more comfortable and entertaining trip, take one of the Pabama buses which have entertainment system on each seat.

Travel time takes more or less three hours. Upon reaching Sumpong, motorcycle drivers are available for hire at Php 150 one way. The road going to Imbayao is rough but manageable. It will take another 45 minutes drive, don't miss the array of Rainbow Eucalyptus and take a selfie!

Also, if staying overnight, take the phone number of the driver so he can fetch you the next day, mobile signal coverage is good at the farm in some areas like in the tree house.

Fees and rates at Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Visiting as walk-in guests or overnight stay, the farm asks for Php 50 entrance fee. This covers unlimited photoshoot opportunities at any corner of the farm. There's also free and unlimited always freshly brewed local coffee at the receiving area. Those who are coffee lovers can take any cups as they want. And if lucky, the farm owners give free fruits too! They got so many guava harvests when we were there, I ate around six or more pieces!

If staying overnight, here are the available accommodations:

Tree Houses - Php 750 good for 2-3 persons with free breakfast
Large Glamping Tent - Php 700 good for six persons, this is complete with beddings
Small Tent - Php 100 good for 2-3 persons
Hobbit House - Php 1000 good for six persons
Bonfire - Php 50 per night

Food at the Farm

Food meals can be ordered too in advance for those who are staying overnight. Their "Lutong-Bahay" meals are good for Php 100 with two viands and a heaping scoop of rice! Service water can also be asked and they also sell bottled water good for Php 15.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Tip: Order their Tinolang Bisayang Manok for dinner because the weather gets cold in the evening and it would help you warm yourself!

What activities can be enjoyed while at the farm?

There are unlimited things that can be done while at the farm. In fact, you'll run out time and before you knew it, you realize you have never really explored everything! At least that was my own realization.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

The list below are the specific activities the farm offers:

Birding Trail
Forest Trek
Eco walk
Nature Trekking
Hobbit Homes
Tree Houses
Infinity Swing
Bird's Nest
Magic Carpet
Hot pool
Sunrise watching
Hanging Bridge

And if there are interested individuals for their seminar on the production of essential oils such as the Eucalyptus and Citronella!

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

Most of the visitors lately are coming over for their Instagram-worthy corners and the same was the case for me and my husband. The DIY hobbit homes which were featured on several online sites had interested me a lot that we decided to check this farm.

One of the things that shouldn't be missed is the sunrise. The rising of the sun was totally awesome right in this part of the province and you'll have a better experience if you watch it while swinging in their infinity swing. Should get someone to take a photo of you if you are backpacking solo, ask someone from the farm or bring a tripod so you can set it to record in the right orientation.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

For reservation, you may get in touch with them on Facebook: Mt.KitangladAgroEcoFarm
Or you may contact them directly at 09552875279.

Reminders when visiting Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

There are specific things to take note of when visiting the farm and this is applicable for those who are coming as just walk in guests as well as those staying overnight.

1. Be friendly to all workers! Most staffs here are not properly trained for customer service and if they miss out something, be considerate and ask them politely.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

2. Wear a proper outfit. Because of the location is in a highland area, there's a huge tendency of rain. Bring your rain cover, your shoes or hiking sandals as well as your jackets!

3. Bring a reusable water bottle! I highly recommend this most especially if you are staying overnight. The receiving area where the water is located is at the base of the farm while the accommodations are still five to ten minutes walk from there. So get it filled up or ask for a water jug that you can use during the entire stay.

4. Insect repellants are your best friend. Insects can't be avoided so don't forget your repellants. If you miss it, you can buy it from there instead since they produce and sell their own Citronella oils.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

5. Don't expect too much! One of the guests whom we have spoken with during our stay said the farm looked different from the photos. While I understand she might have been victimized by the expectation versus reality syndrome, I totally believe that it is worth visiting! And more will be put up here soon too!

6. Be honest and do not steal anything! While speaking with the owner's son, Mr. Benjamin Maputi Jr., who built the DIY hobbit houses as well as the other corners of the farm, he had noticed some guests bringing home some small parts of their hobbit house interior designs. Personally, it is a mortal sin to really steal these items!

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

And if you are indeed visiting, note to only take nothing but pictures and leave only nothing but footprints!


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