Tre9 Hip Hop Hope Missions

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A rap artist named Bobby Herring, who's artist/stage name is Tre9, uses his gifts and talents in a unique and positive way! He holds an event called Hip Hop Hope for inner city youth, young adults, and families to enjoy the ministry of Christian Rap artists, food, games, fellowship, and teaching and preaching from the bible. Tre9 understands the needs of young people is more than music, music is only one aspect of making a lasting impact. He emphasizes the ministry aspect to be most important, teaching and making disciples from young converts. His music albums go back to the 1990's, when his older albums sounded like any old school rap hip hop album, to his more recent album which has that newer generation sound that is on the radio today. His latest, and final album before his official retirement celebration (held at Legacy Church was Missionary Minded. He wants to influence other rappers to focus more on ministry than music! To be missionary minded, have child like faith, and to make a real difference by being close up and personal. Tre9 takes his mission seriously. He personally mentored the rapper Pyrexx, who before becoming a Christian and becoming strong in faith, was in and out of prison, and had recorded explicit songs with Zro and Trae Tha Truth of ABN and SUC (Screwed up Click), as well as other Houston Rappers, but now he's born again and does music with TBZ (Thorough Breadz) and Rapture Records.

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