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Hey everyone, Im moterbikesareb2! I love to make custom tshirt designs, logos and more. you can find me on twitter at @moterbikesareb2. Where i tell and tweetdaily about ym adventures. I go to a technical high school, I used to be in a pub since 8th grade applied for this one. I love it here, Lots of freinds, I come home and i make use of something. im living with 8 siblings which can geta  little out of whack. But for the most part, I love to read write, act sing, and stream younow. I love video production and making them. my phone is everything but i cant wait to get my car soon. I love to be myself and give good advice follow me if your intersted in stuff. I am victor hardy a baseball player bene playing for new hartford for 15 years. I am 5"7 dont judge becasue of skin christian and I beleiv that if you thnik its gona make u happy, Do it. dont let others decide on what u can or cannot do, Its your life so might as well spend some time learning and doing at least something you like to do. And Thats go along with kinda how life is, you get hit to hard its gonna make some damage, But sometimes it dosent. Thats why we all make mistakes, and what we get is what we get. We cant take back things we do, It just dosent work, The present an the past wont come natrually twice. So live your life do something you love. Yes parents i hate how they always think because they older dosent mean they can control and persuade u to do soemthing u feel is going to not benift and make u happy. Thats just cruel, I wish my siblings would understand and spend time outside, Not ignore me and judge me hate on me cause of who iam. but it gonna happen somtimes and probbly everytime. No one is perfect by god is god perfect well who knows. We all make the best and if u cant do somethign strive for sucecss, dont give up be the person thats gona lead the pack. Show the world your legacy adn your story. Dont let others impact you and bring u down. look up and say we gonna do this together. U have abilities you havent discovered so go find them.  Make a living off of what u want, DOnt let your life resist. god made us to live and be free, Of course theres alot of downfalls, but still. If today was the last day on earth who knows, WE mgiht not even have another tommrow, So make the best of each day. Dont hate on someone for what they like to do, What they look like. ITs  what u do to represent yourself in being yourrsel.f people look for the charecter you resemble a nice indivisiaual willing to go out there and compete nad have fun, Dont sit here waiting for tht day to come true, Its now that has to happen, not tommrow now! Waiting is gonan make u the bad doubter. ANd let me tell you tommrow will never come its u gotta do it not someone else. If u wanna seek change in your life your the one to make that change u gotta be the person to do it.

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