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In our generation, there are many changes in our lifestyle. As years passed by we can see the changes that some people make. A simple living can turn to be a social living like,

*a simple house can turn into a building,

*a simple way of dressing can to be a stunning,

*a simple way of playing games like basketball,soccer or board games like chest,snake & ladder and many more that is simple can turn into a social game like playing computer games and many  more gadgets.


Trendings, that was  called trendings. People change a lot, they think to be better and better every single day. Instead of wearing a simple shirt and pants they wear a trending wears like shoes,dresses and accessories to make people appreciate their fashions. In foods, people do experiments to taste new recipe or to taste something new. And of course we will not forget the most Trending things in our generation, the gadgets or machines that causes many people can't live without it. Although it makes our life easier,faster and enjoyable.


These are some pictures of Trending fashion wears. A floral dress or a cocktail dress, they also wears lacey blouse and colored mini skirts. Some mens wears polo shirts paired with city short or jeans. There are also some fashion accessories that makes them look stunning and fashionable.



Some trending foods that look's more delicious and expensive. It was discovered by some people who think to be more creative and to let people taste  something new every single day.




There are some kinds of gadgets. Cellphones,cameras,computers,ipod,tablets and many more. People never stop using this because it makes their life easier and enjoyable. Instead of sending letters people are now using telephones,cellphone or computer to communicate or to send something to someone faster and easier. People enjoy high tech cameras to click pictures, to enjoy or create their fashion.



So did you see? The things that makes our life new everyday! The Trendings that people patronage. :)




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