Trends that need to 'die'

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Hey guys, so today I wanted to write about some trends that are all around of us, in the school, at work, on the street, in the bus, and that really need to disappear because they are terrible. 
And before I start with this post I have to say that I do not wan to insult anyone, this is just my own opinion about those things. If you are wearing some of those clothing items, doing some of those things, applying make up on some of those ways, that is really okay to me. I just do not like this at all.

Now, we can start. First on this list are definitely neon hair colors!

It is okay to have dark blue or dark red hair, but why would anyone want to have the neon green or orange hair? This is not cool at all. And also, you can not wear clothes in some colors that are not good in combination with your hair color. For example if you have the neon pink hair, you can not wear something what is red. And when you need to look serious, this also can be a problem. So girls, think about that before you decide to paint your hair in some neon color.


Second thing that I do not like at all are chokers!

Okay, those necklaces can be found in many colors, shapes and with a lot of pearls and other decorations, but to me they look like a necklace for dog. I do not know why but they look very dangerous to me, like a piece of wire that is all around of your neck and if you move, you can cut yourself. Also many of those look very cheap to me, so they are definitely not a good piece of jewelry. So better chose some tiny gold or silver chain instead of choker. 


Third thing on my list of trends that need to die are leggings worn as a pents

First I have to say that leggings are great sometimes, for example when you are going to walk your dog, to run by the river or to the gym. They have their point and they are clothing item that you should wear while you are working out. They are made out of cotton or some other material that is not aggressive to your skin because you are going to sweat in them. Well, we know how to use them, but many people wear them in a wrong way. You should not wear them all the time. And you should not wear some that are two sizes too small to you, so when you dress them on they become transparent and everyone can see your underwear. And when you are wearin them you should not wear some supper small panties. I noticed that many girls that do not have perfect body are wearing leggings on this way, and that looks funny to people. And when they have the perfect body, that looks very rude. 


 Next trend that has to die are definitely fishnets under the jeans. 

This really looks rude and you should not wear the fishnets at all. Specially not in the combination with jean, shorts and skirts. I think that I should not explain this, you know what I am trying to say. So, those are definitely ready to get gone.


I really do not get the point of overlined lips

We are not all made to have huge lips and that is really okay. Accept yourself in the way you are and love yourself as much as you can. If you have seen some girl on the TV with huge lips that does not mean that you need to have huge lips too.
First, you look perfect, trust me. Everyone is perfect and everyone is pretty.
Second, we are not ment to be same. We should not all be similar ad you should not look like someone other.
Third and last one, her lips are maybe fake.
Stop trying to pump up your lips with glasses, cups and those things for pumping lips.


Next is marble, marble everwhere.

Okay, it really looks nice and interesting. But now all the time, everywhere! It is cool for floor, or for some desk, but it do not look good on the phone case, wall clock, candlestick, coffee cup...
This 'print' is just not for all those things, it does not look good at all. 


Next thing that I do not like at all is too long hair.

Well, first I have to say what is too long for me. Half-back hair lenght is okay, but longer than that is not okay to me. 
First, it do not look natural at all and it look like you are nervous all the time, because everything that you pass by can do some damage to your har.
Second, it is not ver healthy for your back and for your spine. It is too heavy and your spine can not handle that. Too long hair can cause headaches and back pain to you. 
So before you decide to have too long hair, think about consequences that is has and do you need that.


The worst make up trand is definitely too much highligher.

It is really okay to apply some highligher on you lips, below your eyebrows and on your cheeks. But many girls are putting to much highligher on their cheeks and that looks terrible, they are shining like some lighting bulb. This doesn't look natural at all and girls really do not need this at all. It really doesn't look good at all. You are not going to look cute and to attract anyone.

So, this was my list of eight trends that should die as soon as possible, there are some other trends that I do not like at all, but I will write about them in some other blog posts. 


I have to tell again I DO NOT WANT TO INSULT ANYONE with this post.

I really do not like those things at all, but if you like something from this list that is okay, if you want to have too long hair that is neon green you should have it. And if you want to have phone case with marble print that is okay to.  You should od things that you really like and have things that you really like, look however you think you should look. 

I just wanted to say that we should wear something, apply make up on some way, have some things because we really like that, not because ti is popular and everyone is doing that, wearing that or acting inthat way. 

Be yourself and give your best to be original, do not let trend control you. You do not need to have some very expensive sneakers that you do not like at all just because they are popular. You can wear some boots instead of that and have your own style. It is okay to follow some trends that you like, but you should not follow all of them. If you do that, you will loose your own style and you will be just like many other people without own style. 

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