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When we graduated from different universities in different fields then every one of us want to get a good job. Thus everyone should work-hard to do something better. Time is most important so one should take care of that. Everyone has a choice to choose a tough or easy job. It depends on one’s own mind. If you really want to get a good job then you may dirty your hands, you may remove your tie, you may to dirty your cloths and you may to disturb you shirt collar. If you have the capability to do all these things then trust me you can get a good job. One should not hesitate from hardworking, because it is stated that “Hard-work is the key to success”.

I have discussed one trick in my first article:

Here I want to discuss rest of the tricks to get a good job after graduation.


2)- Written Communication:

                                                Your written communication should be precise and accurate while writing to the organizations where you want to apply for a job. When you send the email that make it sure that your mail should be errorless and poor email is not acceptable. Check all the spelling should be correct. Always shows in your written communications that you are educated and respected person and always respect the others. Don’t use short language in your mail or letters. Letter or mail should be to the point and avoid unnecessary details. As written is your first contact with organization or company so therefore it should be polite and attractive. 


3)- Aware about Jobs:

                                    You should also aware about jobs advertisement. There are different sources of awareness like newspapers, online sites, forums, Google, social Medias or any other website of jobs. You can visit there and search for a good jobs as well. For example if you want search a job then you can read “DAWN”, “THE NEWS” or others national newspapers. There are also some sites available for jobs advertisement i.e. “”, “” and “” etc. Now a days social media also advertise different jobs.


4)- Written Test:

                                    If you want to get a good job then you may be to face an exam. Normally this exam/test is from technical part, IQ part, writing English essay part or comprehensive. So one should be ready for these types of test because there is no shortcut to knowledge therefor prepare you self. Especially you should have a full command on your own subject. If you are intelligent then every good job will be on your finger tip.  Nothing is impossible in this universe so focus on the goal and you will get it.

The topic will continue in its third part.

Thank you so much for your time to read it.

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