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This is the third part of the topic "Tricks of getting a Good Job"  i want to discus here one of the important trick which is helpful while getting a good job.

Adding a Value


                  The role of every good graduate is to add value not to subtract value.  It means that when we go and join the organization then we have to notice that what value we added to that company/organization. Because remember this thing that there is no such employer of the world which pay from his/her own pocket to their employee.

People think that employer or company pay to employee from his/her own pocket but actually it is not like this. They pay from the money which the employee earns for that company or employer. It means that the employee earn the money for the company or organization out of which one small part of the money the employer pay to the employee and the large part of that money the employer or organization get itself.” This is a Universal formula”. Everyone should memories this formula because this is so essential if someone know this formula then trust me that he/she will succeed in every field of life. Because one will know that he/she have to be a productive for his/her company.

If you get pay of $500 per month then make it sure that you must earn more than three time of your pay for your company. If you can’t do that, the company or employer will discharge you. So one should be productive and can do some extra tasks within the company, because no employer of the world is stupid. He/she knows better that which person they hire for a good job.

         If that is stupid then he/she will be no an employer but some other professional person or employee thus he/she will not able to hire the employees. If you can earn the money for your employer then trust me that you will have be no issue, you will be have not need to make approaches, and off course you will have no need of any other help to get that job but employer of the organization will keep you on a good job on the bases of you fruitful output. 


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