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Today is my my birthday and in this post i wish to share a strategy you can use to make money from google adsense even if you don't know how to write a single blog post. You know blogging is the power of the internet and the search engine. If you can craft new content every day that the search engines love, then you are good to go

But in this post i want to show you how you can create a blog and produce good rich content without writing from your own head. Well, if you are a newbie just starting out you will need a platform to create your blog for the first time. So let get started.

Head over to and sign up or if you have a google account you may want to sign in and click on continue.

Then click on create a blog and give your blog a good name and check for any blog url that may fit your blog and continue.

You can check for blogger theme using for keeping your blog with a good design. Then its time to add content that the search engine will index for your site to start ranking.

If you'r  good in writing you can start producing content for your blog but if your like me that don't like writing, here is the trick; we will be using a good spinner that rewrites our articles in a unique way and still produce the same quality content that the search engine loves.

Go and visit and enter your articles there for the magic to be done. Spinbot produce excellent content rewrite for you in a minute. with spinbot you can produce this articles and use it in your blog post and still rank for your keywwords.

Using the above tricks and the magic of spinbot, i have been able able to produce good content for my blog so that i have been receiving steady flow of traffic to my blog on a daily bases and monetising it with adsense. Try it today and see the wonders of blogging on autopilot. if you like my post, why don't you share with your friends.

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