True Colors by Matthew Gudwin

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     Imagine staying in a castle with 365 rooms. Our character had that opportunity and it was in the very famous Knole House in Kent, UK.  After working at the Hambros bank he moved onto several other apprenticeships including working for a man named Lionel Sackville-West.  Lionel was the cousin of the famous Edward the fifth Baron Sackville whose family owned the castle.  Our character started working for Lionel at a brokerage firm called Robert Bradford & Co.  One day Lionel asked him if he would have lunch with Edward and himself the following Sunday.  Upon arriving at the historic castle he admired all the great collections of silver and antique furniture.  However one thing he couldn’t go without noticing was the lack of servants in the fortress.  Three-hundred and sixty five rooms and our character remembers the lack of help.  In fact by the end of the day he found out there was only one manservant.

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     Lionel’s true colors were revealed at this lunch.   Some would think that the richer you are the more you feel the need to have others do the messy work or jobs lowest on the totem pole.  However not with this man. During dinner our character vividly remembers Lionel moving around the vast beautiful dining room eloquently as if he himself often waited on tables.  It didn’t end here, as Lord Edward was also quick to help.  Our character remembers how remarkable this sight was, especially because as a guest he was always quick to lend a hand.  This impacted our character and helped to shape the way he looked at people in society who were not afraid to get there hands dirty. 

     Even though they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth they still didn’t feel they were above manual labor.  Some people aren’t afraid to work no matter what their status is and status in general shouldn’t be an excuse.  Stay tuned to the next episode as our character’s apprenticeship comes to an end and he moves on to what he considered the greatest adventure of his life.   

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