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In our generation nowadays, I guess only a few believes in True Love Waits because if they do believe on it, nobody should have been pregnant before getting married. But nowadays, a lot of people are engaging to premarital sex. Even those who are Christians. That is the sad truth right there. I was even scrolling on Facebook one time and I saw a lot of people I knew who are getting pregnant and, they haven’t even married yet. And I was wondering, “Why are they in a rush?”



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That is probably the question most of the teenagers nowadays are asking. I have joined a lot of True Love Waits workshop and it is so sad to see that most of the people who joined are asking for other’s numbers so after the workshop, they will be texting and stuff. They probably misunderstood what true love waits means. They might be thinking that it is fine to flirt while they are waiting. And that is completely wrong. Well, I looked it up in Google and this is what I found.

“The True Love Waits Campaign is a movement focused on encouraging the youth of today to view relationships with a Godly, counter-culture perspective. We believe that our hearts are precious in the eyes of our Father, and that the love story He is preparing for us is far sweeter and more wonderful than anything we have planned for ourselves. Thus, relying on His grace alone, we are committed to remaining sexually and emotionally pure as we wait for the right person and the right time.”


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I have here a video of the True Love Waits Campaign..

Video is by True Love Waits Philippines via Youtube



Unknown to most of us, part of our hearts are given away when we fall in love or when we tend to be in a relationship with others. We invest emotions, time, and effort. See this as an example.

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That is how your hearts looks like when you haven’t been in a relationship yet. Beautiful and whole. And when you start being in a relationship, you give out part of your heart. And when you break up, you won’t be able to take that back that is why when you break up, you tend to feel that there is something missing within you and you try to get into a relationship again so somebody can fill the emptiness in your heart but again, it will just be the same story. Give out a part of your heart, break up, feeling empty, find somebody else, and get broken again. So, in the end, only a very little piece of heart will remain.  Like this...

This is a picture of a broken heart 

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And then, finally, you found the right person that God has prepared for you. What now? Only a very little part of your heart remains. And is that what you want to give out to that right person?



I have a churchmate. She already has a son but, she hasn’t been married yet. She once told us that she had a dream. In her dream, she is in a very beautiful mountain. And as what she mentioned, it looks like, it is in a foreign country. And there, there is a man. He is white and tall so, she believes, it is an American man.

The picture in her dream kind'a look like this...

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And then, she heard God’s voice saying,

That should have been the one I prepared for you if you just waited.

 I am even having goosebumps while remembering what she said. Because I am guilty of these myself. I have been in a relationship before too. But, it is never too late. 



A guy that is who focused on God that the only reason he looks up to you is because he heard God say, "That's her."

I was inspired to write about this because of our youth leader at church and she is also my cousin. She got married at the age of 28 and he is also her first boyfriend. I have seen her journey of waiting. She is very firm in her commitment to God that even if she has a lot of suitors, she never fell into those temptations. Her husband now, he has been courting for years but she never said Yes to Him because she waited for God’s perfect time. Until one day, when she was doing her devotion, God told her not to haste and go for it. And that was the “Go” signal she was waiting for. And that was the time when she said YES to him. They have been in a relationship for 2 years but they NEVER KISSED. Their first kiss was in the altar during that “You may now kiss the bride” moment. I am very inspired with them and I want to also have that kind of a patient heart. Their love story turned out so beautiful! And now, she is already pregnant and they will be having a baby soon.

Slicing their cake. <3

In the reception.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

Opening their gifts :)

I got these pictures from her husband's facebook. This was during their wedding. 


So to those who are getting pressured by the society and is looking for Mr. Right, WAIT. To those who have been in a relationship before and has been hurt, WAIT. Wait for God’s perfect time. You need to rush. Remember, “Good things take time”. And be patient. God is still writing the BEST love story for you.


Before I end this blog, I want to share to you this video. Make this as your check list in finding Mr. Right. :)

Video is by Logos Bible Software via Youtube


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