True Love

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Love: It's a feeling of admiration and attracted towards someone, or something, has been seen as a mutual chemistry between the two, it is known that the body secretes the hormone oxytocin, known as the "hormone-loving" during the meeting between the lovers.

It was the definition of the word love linguistically it includes the meanings of Gram-cause and plant seeds, and there are similarities between the meanings of the three despite the divergence Azahria..vkthira resemble what love TB or vowel, and often also what looks like a cuddly love the seeds of plants.

The gram, it literally means: attachment attached to something not possible to get rid of it. And also means "suffering permanent Lieutenant"; As stated in the Qur'an: her torment was )an grams) [1]. And dressed: jitterbug thing does not stand for the separate him. And fell in love with something: fascination with it. He is fond of


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