True Stories

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True Stories

People gather by the train tracks. A line drawing by Samuel Loxton; Redland 1912

These essays and short stories are true experiences as told by different SmartGirls. New stories will be released as they are submitted. Jump straight to a story by selecting its title in the menu to the right.

Everyone is different, and everyone has unique experiences that no one else can claim. Even when we are in big groups, each person is focusing on something different, thinking of something different, noticing something different.

That is why every person has a story to tell, and it is why we can learn from every single person. We share our stories with the hope that we can help someone learn what we have learned.

But as much as we have learned, there is so much that we didn't notice. Perhaps the person next to us looked up at just the right time to see something we could not. We listen to others' stories to discover what we have missed.

Many true stories talk about struggles and difficulties and can be very sad. However, true stories can make us laugh as much as cry. They can be as diverse as any fictional story, and can be even more powerful because they are true.

Our collection of True Stories were submitted by SmartGirls just like you from all over the world. On SmartGirl, our true stories take the form of essays or short stories, not novels in many chapters.

You will probably find something you can relate to in our Real Life Stories because they can be about any topic. You might recognize your own joys and struggles in the completely different scenarios of others' stories. If you have feel inspired by our Real Life Stories, please consider submitting something of your own!

Even if you are not sure you have something to share, go ahead and try. You can submit as many essays as you would like. You never know what wisdom you have that will open the eyes of your reader.

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