True story..

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A king of your castle expansion
The king was unjust
Forwards the palace was extended
Even the poor township near
In front of a poor old woman 
Hut was
He tried the old
leave his hut, and nowhere else
Perch have
Every effort has been
Offered a good home
The lure of silver coins and gave the old woman
Not budge
It was the same answer that the king
Why is the trouble for the poor
If your location does raise other direction,
Said the King of your hut
My location is less beauty
But the old woman listened to her
've Heard
The King was very angry
And the absence of a good
Hut has a hunch
When the old woman came home his
Hut looking down and cried

Bid and buy
O Allah, O see each appear and disappear
A single heir of the universe
The always-living
Hear my cry
If I was not at home
If the
If the
She was crying spontaneous 
The king of his castle from the terrace
Watching the scene, and a lot of laughing
I was enjoying being

suddenly earthquake struck the king and his disciples
location of the land, including
Been pushed
Allahu Akbar 

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