Trust - A precious jewel

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Trust takes years to build , seconds to break, and forever to repair.
Nowadays , Its getting very much hard to trust anybody. why is it so?
Because , people are now very much concerned about self. They are very quick to take the advantage of the trust given to them. That's why now Whenever, You trust anyone, you need to be very careful..

Trust is the base of all the relationships in the world. The world is based on this Trust...its So much Fragile and vulnerable. Yet its the strongest and weakest both at the same time.
Me too, I have many instances when people have betrayed me, broke my trust and hurt me a lot. One thing that I have learned is, everything takes time to heal. but however they do get healed.
But not cannot be the same again after its broken no matter how much you try it will never be the same again.... Its sad..

''''Say one lie, and all your truths become questionable'''
 So true it is...That's what happens actually...when someone breaks your trust, its not a sudden break. They give you reasons day by day why not to trust them. and that's really really painful.
Painful to know that what you took years to nurture , to build, to embrace, to base on the dreams of being broken by the person you trusted , the person who loved you the most......

Be very very careful before you trust anybody in your life..
Be careful who you make memories with.. these type of things can last for a lifetime.. Don't let anyone set the platform for you to suffer for rest of your life.

But you know what, life isn't an examination or a mock drill. You don't get a user manual with your life..You will take chances no matter what. And you know what, nothing can substitute experience..
you will experience this all at least once in your life..and after that you will grow...You will learn. and this is the beauty of life...


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