Trust in Al Mighty ALLAH (swt)

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Things are not always as they seem.

  • Umm-e-Mousa was told to throw her son in the River.


  • Hazrat Yousuf was left to die in a well.

  • Hazrat Maryam (Mary) delivered a child Alone.
  • Hazrat Younus was swallowed by a Whale.

  • Hazrat Ibrahim was thrown in the Fire.

  • Yet look at how it turned out for them, in the End.

ALLAH (swt) always has a better plan for Us. Things may not start off to well, but the ending is usually better than we expected.

If today you are facing hard times, have faith & pray for a better tomorrow.

Miracles do happen when you seek guidance from ALLAH (swt). Always trust him."



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