Truth is good weapon

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are only survived by their false way of living life and getting fame money and name...

But my question is that does it give them good moral health or mental

I feel they are becoming more and more insecure and feeling this in their behave

But what happen when they face their all the false ground and get the dream broken...

How it feel by those persons who get punish by their false promises...see and see how it going to break faith upon humanity.

I feel when you had with truth you does not care how big any body you survive with your truth.

It is an old saying that Truthful man sleep like a king and Phony person beg for a good and sound sleep and life.

I hope these lines inspire any body just to devote their time on path of truth.

In Sales Job/Marketing Job/Management/Shares they are mostly depend upon this and in the end

Most unhappy persons are found in these profession and get a show off to just present them as happy person.

They also become insecure due to their professional hazards.

I hope nobody can survive there with truthfulness....these are easy money profession like Gambling.

But Truth is way of hard way of earning money with lot of satisfaction.

I hope you will feel it.


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