Turkey Bowl 2013

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Do you watch or participate in your local communities Turkey Bowl?

What is a Turkey Bowl you ask?

It is when a group of people come together  on the morning of Thanksgiving and play tackle football for a few hours and then they return to their homes to spend the rest of the day with their families and friends and eat a nice family meal.

Turkey bowls have been around for many years.

How to organize one for your friends and family for next year.

Depending on who you invite, keeping the game family-friendly will be more or less of a priority. For our turkey bowl, adults and teens are welcome to play football and the little children are invited to be cheerleaders on the sidelines.

We then pick teams and then pick teams and then the game begins. It is a lot of fun watching the players and remember to take plenty of photos to share on your social media sites for family and friends that do not live in your same city.

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