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Hello, Bitlanders. This is now the fourth article of my series I now call "Turn Your Dreams Into Reality". In this post, we will Create Smaller Goals from the life or long-term goals that we have written.

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What we have done so far.

With the activities I suggested in the previous posts, I hope you have done already the following:

  • Written down your life dreams.
  • Turned those dreams into your life or long-term goals by adding details like the cost and when you want to achieve those dreams
  • Assessed what you have right now and know where to start.

This means you can see the Finish Line already, you know where to start, you know how far you should go. The next step is to prepare how to reach the finish line. In this post, I will share with you some ideas on the following:

  1. Why Create Smaller Goals
  2. How to Create Smaller Goals
  3. What do you need?


 Achieving your dreams is your destination

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Why Create Smaller Goals?

Sometimes if we focus TOO MUCH on the summit of a mountain, but we don't do anything to start climbing. We see the height and we get scared.


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So if you want to reach the summit, first you have to assess what yourself and what you have right now (Read: Start From Where You Are). Then, after that, determine what you need to reach that summit.

  • Do you need additional equipment?
  • Are you physically and psychologically prepared?
  • Do you need to train more?

Next is plan your climb. How many meters can you climb each day? How high do you want to climb after three days? Those are your smaller goals.

 A runner who joins a 25-Kilometer marathon does not do it without proper preparation. First, they start from running shorter distances. Then they keep on running until they could achieve the distance that they want.

So if you want to join a 25-Kilometer marathon, run shorter distances first. Create a progressing program each week.

For example

  • Week 1 - 2: 3- Kilometer run.
  • Week 3 - 4: 5- KIlometer run.
  • Week 5- 6: 7- KIlometer run.

Continue the schedule until you achieve your goal.

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The point is, in order to achieve a larger life-goal, start with smaller goals first. Smaller goals are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your life or long-term goal!

Build Up Your Belief and Confidence

Another good reason for creating smaller goals is, it helps build up your belief and self-confidence after achieving them. Whenever we accomplish small goals, we feel happy. Haven't you noticed what you feel each time you accomplish the daily task of reading 5 blogs and watching 5 videos here in Bitlanders?

Simon Sinek explains that it is because of the chemical called Dopamine, which is released each time we accomplish something.

Video Credit: Andre White via YouTube

How To Create Smaller Goals.

One way to achieve your life-goals or dreams is to break them down into smaller goals or create smaller goals in order to achieve them.

For example, one of the goals that I wrote in my post "My Goals for 2018" is to own and drive a Honda CRV by the end of the year. This particular vehicle costs around 1.2 to 1.6 Million Pesos.

Image Credit:https://media.ed.edmunds-media.com/

The question is:

"Do I have the resources right now to earn that much before the end of the year?"

The answer is "NO!".

But is it still achievable? Perhaps. Let's break this one down.

I want to buy the car before the Christmas. So I have at least 6 months to save for the down payment. Let's assume I can purchase the vehicle with 20% down payment. So that would be PHP 240,000.00

This means I have to save at least PHP 40,000.00 a month. Considering my other expenses and other plans, this means I need to earn at least PHP 80,000.00 a month. Fortunately, the cost of living in our city is relatively low, so we can live off on a PHP 20,000.00 monthly budget.

The next question is:

"Can I achieve a PHP 80.000.00 monthly income?"

I admit this is more than four times than my current income. Definitely, I can't earn this much from Bitlanders alone, even if I earn $10.00 a day. So what I need is consider my other income options. Here are some of my options

  • Steemit
  • Fiverr
  • TeeSpring designs
  • Publish E-books
  • Tutorial Blogs

I will start on this short list. The one with biggest earning potential in this list actually is publishing e-books.

Assuming I put a price tag of $9.95 per download. IF 5 people will buy the ebook every day on the average. So it will be 150 X $9.95 = $1492.50 in one month. If the value of Dollar to Philippine Peso is $1.00= PHP52.00, I get PHP 77,610.00 a month!

So yes, it is achievable. But if you have noticed, this triggers additional goals or tasks in order to achieve the 'Car Goal'. I need to break down that goal into smaller goals.

Like building blocks build your goal one piece at a time.

Image credit: @sttimm via Pixabay

  1. In order for me to afford the car, I need to earn more money,
  2. One way for me to earn money is to publish an ebook
  3. Before I can publish my ebook I need to write
  4. To improve my writing skills, I have to write more often

Breaking down my goals:

My Goal:

  • Own a Honda CRV by the end of the year 

Yearly goal:

  • Save at least PHP 240,000.00 for the down payment.

Monthly Goals:

  • Earn at least PHP 80,000.00
  • Finish and publish an ebook within the next two months

Weekly Goals:

  • Write at least one chapter of the book per week
  • Submit least one blog every other day for Bitlanders

This is an example of breaking down a life goal into smaller goals. However, don't limit your smaller goals on this concept.

The Secret to Big Success

An article from the Forbes.com ' Why Thinking Small Is the Secret to Big Success'  suggests you make small goals that may not be related to your bigger goals.

Just make small goals that you can accomplish within three days or less. The purpose is to develop your "belief-system" that you can accomplish goals.

With this in mind and mix it with what Simon Sinek said, create goals that you can do every day. Like:

  • Do a 5-minute intense exercise every day
  • Read a chapter of a book every other day
  • Greet at least 5 friends in Social Media
  • Read 5 post of other bloggers, and post a comment.
  • Kiss your spouse

Make a list

Make a list of your smaller goals

Image Credit: @TerroVesalainen via Pixabay

Just as you write down your dreams or life goals, make a list of your smaller goals. Just like in the example I have given above, create yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. Make a bullet journal if you want to.

Every time you accomplish a goal, put a check mark or cross it off with a different colored pen so you can monitor your progress.

What Do You Need?

I would now assume that you have a notebook where you have written down your life dreams or life goals. You should keep this notebook updated.

Image credit: Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

However, in order for you to keep track of the progress of your small goals or daily goals, it will be better if you have a small notebook that you can carry with you every day.



Use Evernote or other apps

Image Credit: @artbytes via Bitlanders

If you are into mobile technology, use the Evernote app on your mobile phone. Evernote is very handy and you can sync your notes across your devices. Meaning, you can write your goals comfortably on your pc and update them on your phone.

 To Sum It Up

I believe this video sums it all up.

Video Credit: CartoonStudio via YouTube



Finally, let me leave you off with this a very well known word of wisdom.

Image Credit: John Loberiza via Pixteller

Start now. Take a single step at a time towards achieving your goals.

Thanks for reading.


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