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My Inner Dialogue

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Sanity: Why are you writing a Twilight review in 2018? Everyone has read it. Everyone has reviewed it. Hell everyone has even watched it. What’s the point of this review?

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Me: Why does everything needs to have a point? I just want to share my thoughts.

S: Yes, but why now? You read it in 2008. What kind of weirdo takes a decade to review a book?

M: Firstly, I didn’t use to blog in 2008. And secondly, I recently saw the trailer of a movie titled Midnight Sun. For a brief moment I was convinced that this is another installment in the Twilight franchise. It wasn’t. But then I saw that the actress’ name is Bella. This was all too much. It almost felt like Hollywood was intentionally trolling me.

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S: Okay. But what has that got to do with this review?

M: Well the trailer reminded me of Twilight and how I haven’t read it in a while. So I decided to reread it. And once I read it, I felt like reviewing it.

S: Sigh. Fine. Go ahead. Review it.



(Spoiler Free - for the one soul who doesn't know the story)

Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer


Cullen Family: Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Edward.

Swan Family: Charlie and Bella.

Black Family: Billy and Jacob


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Stephenie Meyer has created a labyrinth of words in which everyone has lost themselves. Twilight, which is the first novel in the saga, is a supernatural romance novel centering around Bella and Edward. Since Bella is the one narrating this story the readers get an insight to Bella’s inner feelings.

(Left to Right) Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer and Rober Pattinson. 

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Bella is an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl who has come to live in Forks with her father. She is sad and resigned not only because she is away from her mom but because Forks is always overshadowed by clouds. But she will soon learn that these clouds are also obscuring deadly secrets under them.

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 On the first day of her school Bella can’t help herself and gets infatuated by a God-like boy but the problem is that the more she tries to get closer to him the farther away he goes. Now what will Bella do?

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On the other hand, Edward is tortured by his thirst that can only be satisfied by Bella’s blood but in a weird twist of fate he falls in love with her. So either he would kill Bella and satisfy his thirst or turn her into a vampire – and take away her humanity – so that he could keep her forever. No matter what he chooses he will end up killing the first woman he has fallen in love with in his life that has spanned over hundred years. He believes that he can find a way to keep Bella alive and still keep her with him. Can he?

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Bella has befriended Jacob who is a Native American but even his tribe has a secret which makes them natural enemies of vampires. A secret that his father Billy is sworn to keep but can he let his best friend’s daughter be engulfed in vampire's darkness?

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In the midst of all these secrets and supernatural entities will Bella be able to live happily with Edward or rather more importantly will Bella be able to live?

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Twilight is an exciting story but even more importantly an addictive page turner. It has drastically changed how the vampires have been perceived in literature. If Stoker’s Count Dracula gave its readers a reason to fear, Stephenie Meyer’s Edward has given millions of teenage girls the reason to sigh and wish he could be their boyfriend. After all,

Only a Vampire can love you forever.

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Needless to say it is a beautifully written novel which has become an international phenomenon spawning an obsessive fan-base and a multi-million dollars franchise.

So what about you all? Are you a Twihard? Or you just cannot tolerate all the melodramatic sappiness? Or you don’t just care enough for another boring YA novel. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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