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I frequently encountered posts from friends who are active in Forum Coin about this site TwitchFollows.  I used to think that the site is only available to US members so I did not give it much attention when I first read about it.  Secondly, knowing about Twitch being a site for gamers, I thought that this site is not for me in any way. 


Image Credits: The LeaderBoard (Sharon Samson Lopez) via Facebook

However, as I frequently pass by the same thread every day, I saw some replies from members who came from the Philippines expressing their happiness about their success on the site. Additionally, one comment on my post about FarmVille2 suggested about checking this site.  That instances were enough to raise my interest and I immediately check on the site. Opportunities like this are worth trying and sharing. 

What is TwitchFollows


Image Credits: The LeaderBoard (Sharon Samson Lopez) via Facebook

TwitchFollows is a site that offers benefits to both the Twitch streamers and the viewers. The site created a program that could help Twitch streamers gain more followers and at the same time giving viewers a way to earn a small amount by following and viewing. 

Twitch is a site popular among gamers.  They can set up channels and stream live video of them while playing their games. Having a huge number of followers is important to a Twitch streamer because of the enormous benefits it could offer. There are different ways to earn from Twitch such as ads placements, subscription, sponsorships, affiliates, selling merchandise, and even donations.

Followers and subscribers play an important role in terms of earnings. The more followers the Twitch streamer have the more chances of earning a great sum of money. They can use different strategies to build followers such as utilizing social media and other sites or they can go to TwitchFollows. 


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A Twitch streamer will deposit a certain amount in exchange for credits. It is up to them how much credits they would like to assign for every follow.  Once the offer was completed by a member, the credit will be deducted from the streamer and will be transferred to the viewer.  When the member reached the payment threshold, they can request for payment.

How to Earn From the Site


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Here is the good news! For individuals who are interested in gaming other than playing games, we can earn from being a follower of a Twitch streamer. With TwitchFollows an individual can choose from the different sponsored stream follow offers. 


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The offers will be posted on our walls with the corresponding amount at the discretion of the gamer. We can choose who to follow. For regular members, the amount will be credited to our account within 2-3 days. However, Premium members enjoyed the benefit of automatic crediting of the earnings to their accounts. 

Offers may come any time of the day.  The offer will expire as soon as the streams reached the desired number of followers on a particular day. 

What is the Minimum Payment Required


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Members need 20,000 Credits equivalent to $20.00 before they can request payment. The site pays thru PayPal within 72 hours upon request as specified in the site's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

The amount we can earn from the site may not be that big but it can add up over time and can help us with our daily expenses. Besides, we don't need to stay the whole time with the site in order to earn. We can still work on our regular site. 

How Much Can a Member Earn


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The amount each member can earn depends on the availability of sponsored offers and whether the member availed of the upgraded membership which allows more perks than the regular members. 

An upgraded member is prioritized when posting out sponsored offers. Earnings are also instantly credited to the account of an upgraded member without waiting for 24-hour posting period.

Is It Worth the Upgrade


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I have yet to upgrade because I am still new on the site. However, based on the comments and information given by other members of Forum Coins, they said it is worth the upgrade because we only have to upgrade once and we can enjoy the benefits of being an upgraded member for a lifetime.

Who Is Eligible to Join

The site is open to all regardless of location and nationality. What is important is that we have a verified PayPal account in order for us to receive our payment. This is contrary to the statement of one member that the site is only available to US members. 

In order to verify this concern, I sent an email to the admin and received this reply:


Image Credits: The LeaderBoard (Sharon Samson Lopez) via Facebook


Here is another video from Mr. B, the owner of BerMoneyforum, a forum that reviews the legitimacy of an online earning site. The site has been considered legit after the different information given by the members and the payment proofs posted on the site.

Video Credits: BeerMoneyForum via YouTube

On the Final Thought...

The site has been considered by several forums to be legit based on the feedback by those members who joined the site. Though earnings from the site may not be great, still members are receiving their payment as promised. As long as streamers are willing to shell out cash for followers, the site will be able to pay its members.  TwitchFollows is one of the most visited sites today.  You may join me here.

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