Twitter Do you know about it?

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Twitter may be a social network that permits users to send and receive short messages , referred to as tweets. Tweets is up to one hundred forty characters long. you'll send tweets from your pc or maybe from your movable. whereas some social networking services square measure like Facebook or MySpace square measure additional sophisticated Twitter is fairly easy to use. To send or receive messages you simply ought to produce AN account on Twitter. you'll solely send text to twitter, pictures aren't allowed.

Twitter users will follow what others post. It causes you to feel a vicinity of somebody else’s life . folks everywhere the globe bring up every kind of topics .

In most cases Twitter is created of several tiny teams of individuals. generally solely they will follow every other’s movements . you may post “Hey, I’m reaching to the pub” , and every one of your friends may browse it right away .

Your messages on Twitter is personal, which means solely your friends will browse them otherwise you may create them public , which means they will be seen by everybody.

Twitter is employed for several things. you'll post AN future event , organize cluster conversations or simply tell the globe what you’re doing at the instant. you'll conjointly use twitter rather than causation several SMS’s to totally different folks . simply post your messages on Twitter and everybody else will see them.

Many people update their Twitter standing fairly often, generally even one or two of times AN hour. Recently , Twitter has conjointly been employed in business . corporations use twitter to tell folks regarding new merchandise or simply to post one thing that's on sale .

Twitter has become very talked-about . Since its birth in 2006 over 100 million folks round the world are mistreatment it often


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