Twitter, Facebook and The End of the World!

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After watching Manny’s excellent Review of the 2012 movie, and now that the world hasn’t ended, I am looking forward to watching it. This is despite Manny himself being torn.



The reason I personally have chosen to wait until 2013 to check it out was in case the combination of my limited knowledge of the Mayan calendar along with the hype on Twitter and Facebook would prove too much for my subconscious and I would have nightmares!

Although I was 99% sure we would be ok, the 1% doubt I had has made me wait until 2013 to watch the movie!

It was no surprise then that on December 21 2012, at 11 o’clock am in the UK the leading trends on Twitter were #mayans and #endoftheworld! Although most people seemed to be making jokes and tweeting in a light-hearted manner about the so called ‘apocalypse’ it just goes to show again the power of social networking and in some cases of scaremongering, how not to use it! There were so many variations of exactly when, where and why it was going to happen proving that if social networks are not used wisely, distortion and filtering down of original ‘facts’ could only cause worry. It was only surprising that madness and mayhem did not occur on a totally global scale!

Going back to the movie, Manny rates the special effects as ‘superb’ and says the first half of the film is a ‘joyful orgasm of exploding cities’. Maybe this alone is enough to make me still want to watch it, or perhaps it is that deep down I can watch with a kind of smug satisfaction and relief that we have survived December 21st and are all still here!

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