Types of conductor 2

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  1.    All Aluminum Conductor:-

  •        We adopt aluminum conductor due to high cost of copper conductor.

  •        Cross section area of the aluminum conductor is 60% greater than that of copper.

  •        The weight of aluminum conductor is 48.3% of that of copper conductor.

  •        Handling  , transportation, and erection is economical.

  •        Reduced corona effect due to high diameter of conductor.                      

  1.    Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced:-

  •        Conductor  made of all aluminum are not sufficiently strong mechanically for construction of span lines.                                                       

  •        The important advantages ASCR conductors are high tensile strength and line weight.

  •        The sag is small and the line can be designed with shorter supports or longer spans for a given sag.                                                                              

  1.    Smooth Body ACSR Conductor:-

  •        A smooth body ACSR conductor is also called compacted ACSR.

  •        In the condition of same aluminum area the diameter o f the steel core can be increased to increase the mechanical strength.                                   

  1.    Expanded ACSR Conductor:-

  •        A plastic or fibrous material is introduced between the steel core and aluminum strands to make the diameter of conductor large to reduce corona loss and radio interference at EHV.                                                       

  1.    All Aluminum Alloy Conductor:-

  •        They provide a good combination of tensile strength and conductivity.

  •        One these alloy is “Silmalec” which contains 0.5% magnesium and the reminder aluminum.

  •        The electrical conductivity is 53.5% of the international annealed copper standard and the ultimate strength is 30 kg f/mm^2.                           

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