Types Of Guava Fruit

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Types And Use Of Different Guava Fruit:

The guava is a tropical fruit with a rough outer skin and a sweet seedy flesh. It gives off a fragrance which is similar to lemon. The outer skin is green and changes color to either yellow, maroon or green when ripe.

Major Types Of Guava:

                                          Following are the main types of guava that are grown in the world.

Strawberry guava:

                                          Small fruits which are very juicy and full of flavor. It has a red skin and a white flesh.

Pineapple guava:

                                Tangy fruit used often to make jellies, with edible flowers. Has a green smooth skin, oval shape with a creamy yellow flesh.

China white:

                            Green skinned, white fleshed large fruit which is very aromatic. It is a tough fruit and can be eaten unripe.


                       With a pink sweet juicy flesh and yellowish skin, it's a medium sized guava.

Mexican cream:

                             This guava has a sweet spicy flavor with a yellow skin, cream colored flesh and nice fragrance.



Red Malaysian:

                                   Pretty enough to be grown as an ornament, it has a red flesh and green skin.


South African:

                          A cream skinned pink flesh guava that has a mild flavor and a crisp texture


White Indian:

                                A medium sized white fleshed guava grown nowhere near India, it has an excellent flavor and can be eaten slightly unripe.




Costa Rican Cas:

                                       Small fruit with a smooth green skin, white flesh, used most popularly in juices with an acidic flavor.



































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