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There are so many types of pollution which are giving damage to our environment and atmosphere in a very bad manner. Some of the names of the names are given below,

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Waste matter pollution
  • Noise pollution

Air pollution is the one in which bad smoke of industries, factories and traffic enters in to the normal atmospheric air , which then enters into the human body and cause so many harmful diseases which can affect badly to human’s life


Water pollution is the one which raw material or waste things from the society enters into the water of the normal use or into the river or oceans which harms the human and water species as well


Waste matter are the raw material and also includes all the types of wastages which comes from the different industries , factories, houses , schools, restaurants etc. and then covers the surrounding where human lives.


Noise pollution is the one in which sounds of different types which are hard and unusual to listen and affects the nervous system, head, heart of the human body,. It normally comes from traffic or loud music.

We have to prevent ourselves and our atmosphere and the environment as well from these harmful pollution factors so we can live a healthy and happy life.