UEFA Champions League The Stage for the Finest and the best, the history and charm of the competition

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Exactly 22 years from now there had been a European Football competition known as European Cup and was considered the stage for the finest in all around Europe. That competition was meant to be played in between teams that were top of their domestic leagues. European Cup had been in the running since 1960 but there was something missing in this competition as it was considered just an international cup. However, with time the popularity grew and with the development in media and flow of enormous amount of money into football this competition was needed to be redesigned to enable top teams of Europe to show their strength to the world. All the European teams met and with the

organization, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) was formed to produce something new that had the design and structure of previous competition but with a new life and a new charm, that given the birth to a competition of Colosseum stature a grand stage to show the world that European Football is best in the world.

The newborn competition was named UEFA Champions League the grand stage for the top 32 teams from Europe. The competition was redesigned and the value was meant to be raised, the competition was spread all over the world by then. UEFA Champions League is not only the grandest stage of competition but it is as well  the best rewarding competition. Apart from the trophy the reward of wining this competition is high as 60 million pounds in cash for the winning club.


 Champions League have teams from all over the Europe, the top teams are placed in this competition, the top teams are considered to be the team who are top of their domestic league competitions. The competing clubs are from the domestic league competitions from all of European countries; this includes all the top leagues and bottom leagues played in Europe. The quantity of clubs competing in this competition from a single country depends on the value and strength of that country’s league competition. This is decided by the league ranking system initiated by UEFA to rank the competitions on the value of that league and the strength and cups held by that league’s clubs. The most number of clubs from a single country is four at this time, that is in the UEFA constitution for European Champions League. At present English, Spanish and German Leagues have most number of clubs competing in this competition. With teams of the stature of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal etc all competing in this competition to show their strengths to each other is the charm of this competition. This competition has produced a great set of matches with the best teams competing with each other, the top clubs fights with each other for the trophy to show that they are at the top of every other club. There are 7 stages of this competition and each stage is full of excitement and

drama, Real Madrid is the most successful club of this competition. Barcelona was the first team to win the redesigned competition wining against Sampdoria from Italian League. After its rebirth, the competition has produced some of the most memorable matches of history.


Clubs are not the only fighters and competitors of this competition, the players are as well, because top players play in the top teams and top teams compete in this competition, every top players want to show that they are the best in the world. The top players have dream to be part of the winning team and by wining this competition the players show to the world that they are the best against the rest. No doubt UEFA Champions League have changed the outlook of club football in all over the world, the players now consider this competition to be more important than any other thing apart from the world cup they consider this competition more important than the national team competitions and matches. UEFA Champions League have become a Colosseum that is a stage for the biggest Gladiators in the world, where the greatest meet with each other to fight for one goal and that is Supremacy. Every club fights to show the world that it is the best and greatest in the world.





Written By: Babar Jamil


UEFA Champions League is truly a great source of excitement and entertainment and the competition is surely shining the sky with its own color and coloring everything with blue, blue is the color of everyone who loves it and who sees it, and hearts are singing its anthem. My color is blue and I cannot wait to see the best meet the best…

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