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Uento (or Waypedia) is an making money android app. User can get points by downloading, installing and running new offered apps. Those points can change for money!!

DOWNLOAD: http://adf.ly/1POCCd
My referral code: lAc52
There are 3 types of apps Blue: 3 points - Only download and get points. Green: 5 points - Download and run app in 30s. Purple: 8 points - Download, run, and keep app in 3 days. (With Blue and Green app, you can uninstall after receiving points With Purple apps, you must open apps at least 1 time/day and do not uninstall it)
Exchange Rate: (Uento only send money to Paypal account) 250 points $2.5 500 points $5.0 1000 points $10.0 2500 points $25.0 5000 points $50.0
Referral Code: After earning 500 points, user will get a referral code. If a new user enters your referral code, you will get extra points from their points. Referral level 1: 2 points/app Referral level 2: 1 point/app (Referral level 1 is those one enter your code Referral level 2 is those one enter referral code of level 1)
My referral code: lAc52
Everyday, Uento release about 4 to 5 apps or more( especially in US) Uento do not release new apps at the fixed time, but I will check frequently. At the first time, It might be really discouraged because each app only get 3, 5 or 8 points. But after get referral code, the more user you invite, the more points you get.
P/S: After you download app, You must RUN it in " My point" at the Menu...



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